Mid-game joining with unknown perk


Is anyone else getting tired of joining mid-game and having no way of determining what perk you have picked from staging. This isn’t as big of a deal for the hunters but is vital info for the monster.


Yeah it really sucks. i wish they would tell you what it is, or even better repick when you join in. For what its worth, if you try hard enough you can sometimes figure it out. e.g. you should be able to spot if you are eating faster than usual, or moving faster than usual


Or allow us to get the selection screen when taking over a bot, so we can select out perk in game.

I made a thread about it in February.


I like the repick idea I just think that mid-game joiners should at the very least have an Icon of the perk on their screen for the rest of the match.


ya i wish that too!


Yea some sort of information would be very appreciated. I mean yes you might be able to figure out what perk it is after some time but well its takes some time and testing and most likely you should have other tasks then testing out what perk you’ve got.


devoting resources to testing perks costs time and or concentration. I Joined a game to play not to give myself a tactical shakedown.


Only problem I could see with picking a perk mid-game…
if you really needed a certain perk to win you could leave and then rejoin the game to repick.


Yes I hate it so much, I have monster as my first preference and 10 games in a row I get hunter, how’s that make sense? So now I quit and try again and it keeps happening please fix this! Also where are the ranked servers so we can get rid of those horrible evac handicaps that make the monster so so weak…


As for the perk, yes it annoys me too, they should tell you your starting perk when you pause or press back and it should also tell me out the map your playing on too so its easier to remember them by name


the leave and rejoin scam can be avoided altogether by registering how many times you have entered the same round