Mics Only Option


I am a PS4 player and it is very difficult to find other players that use a Mic. I think it would be very beneficial to the player base if there wan an option to only be matched with others that use a Mic. I know some have camera that have a Mic and don’t use it but that option would atleast weed out all the individuals that have nothing plugged in. For such a team based game this would be a huge benefit for the community.



I would love to see something like this for the Xbox One as well. If someone plays a cooperative game that requires communication between team members and does not use a mic, that person is either an idiot or an asshole, and probably both. So, you could make it a check box with two options:

  1. Yes, I have a headset with microphone
  2. No, I am an idiot and/or asshole

Then, the game would only pair you with others who checked the same box.

Better yet, figure out a way to detect whether the player has a working headset connected (voice command required to authenticate?) and if they don’t, only allow them to play as the monster in multiplayer, or in solo mode.


I’ve had an x box one for about over a month now and I only have the x box one mic and it broke after using it a handful of times. It just stopped working and I could hear people, but they couldn’t hear me. So now I can’t really partake in talking with my team, but I have an understanding of the roles I am given and how to play them, so pings do just fine for me and if I’m the medic I keep an eye on the wedge in the bottom left hand corner if I can’t see my team because it does display health which I think people forget.


Headsets can be bought on Amazon for less than $10. Prob not much more than that at Best Buy.