Microtransactions Yes or No?


This is more of a question/Suggestion. First was wondering if you all are thinking of putting microtransactions into the game?

I would believe it would be a good thing for the game. I don’t mind putting money into a F2P game. As long as the microtransactions are only to unlock skins or characters faster. I would keep the ability to unlocking skins and characters normally also. And make sure perks are only purchasable with the games in game currency.
I just feel like me playing Evolve: Stage 2 is not enough to support the game and keep it going with further development.
I do not know how other people feel about microtransactions but IMO they are a good thing to have. As long as you keep the game how it is and just for the people that don’t mind putting a few bucks into getting a character faster or skin they can. While supporting the game even further.

But I can not stress this enough Perks should never be able to be purchasable with real money.


We are in beta so I am sure it is being thrown around on the table whether or not to put them in. However you mentioned a really good point being able to purchase perks with it. Since all this currency is just one set right now it makes it possible for everything to be bought… It seems like to me that they would have to A) Make the keys purchasable and everything is allowed, or B) Find an alternative so that game changing things like perks can only be earned an alternative way. Good topic to mention.


They have to put them in, if they made it 100% free forever then they would have to stop patching and supporting the game.


Agreed. It’s not necessary, you can play without it, but it gives those willing to pay a way to earn their stuff faster, and more importantly brings in money for the development, otherwise the game would eventually not be able to sustain itself.
If they do this I just hope they don’t go overboard with it, but seeing the current f2p model, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

EDIT: as mentioned below me, just silver keys!


Just for the keys. That is all. Not for characters or skins or anything else. Just silver keys.


If you could buy the Silver Keys with Real cash then you could end up buying your perks with the silver keys you bought with real cash. And as I said that should not be allowed. Because then IMO the game would become P2W.

Say two new players join the game one that just went and bought a ton of sliver keys and bought all his perks right off the bat and then the other player who didn’t want to buy everything right away and then they get matched together because the MMR you start at puts you with other new players. The player who bought silver keys and then bought his perks would have a really big advantage over the guy who didn’t buy anything. This is the reason why only skins and characters should be allowed to be bought with real cash. If they allowed you to buy silver keys then buy perks with those sliver keys I know me and a lot of other players would quit the game. Because at that point it is now P2W.

Anything that gives you a advantage in the fight should never be allowed to be bought in any game. It only should be allowed to be earned.


It’s only an advantage if everyone can’t have it. If its something that can be unlocked normally then it’s fine if you can pay to unlock it.

P2W is something that gives an advantage only to people that can afford it. This wouldn’t be the case.


I think micro transactions would be necessary. With the new f2p status, there needs to be some way to pay the devs. As state above, I think the only available things to purchase should be keys. While it may incite a case of pay to win if people use it all on perks, perks can be unlocked with progression while most skins cannot. I think most people would spend it on things they couldn’t unlock normally.


Their first priority is to make the game sustainable, if they can’t prove that it’s sustainable then monetisation is pointless. That said, if all is successful then they’ll have to make money somehow, as others have said.

I imagine that the primary way they’ll do this is with a Hunter Pack, Monster pack and All character pack, so that people can pay to just get future content for a price that’d be similar to a similar pre-F2P price. That’s the simplest way IMO. Directly being able to buy skins and characters individually is definitely another.

I hope they don’t go down the route of the likes of Smite that make you buy something that random drops content, I’d much prefer that you’re able to make an active choice to buy a specific thing and get that specific thing.

I don’t think they need necessarily to offer people the chance to buy Keys because that’s part of the progression system, and encourages people to just hoard in game currency which is a little less responsible than having direct transactions.


Why wouldn’t micro transactions come? They need income to fund development. The route they would probably go is sell skins and characters for a fee and sell packs with multiple items with a discount like tier 1 pack, tier 2 pack, etc.


I still stand on if you can buy silver keys it will become P2W. Because if a player doesn’t want to buy keys and gets put vs a player who has and bought all their perks the player who didn’t is at a disadvantage. And if you say well he had the option to buy keys and then he wouldn’t be at that disadvantage. Then they mite as well just kept the game $60 and you pay to play the game. Because then they are forcing the players who don’t like to pay. To pay so they are not at a disadvantage. Once you start forcing people to pay so they are not at a disadvantage you lose your player base.

Selling a pack like smite is cool where you get all characters unlocked and monsters for a sum of money would be cool. But they shouldn’t give you the perks in the pack. There always should be something to be earned in a game and not bought. And in this game Perks should be earned and not allowed to be bought.


As long as it’s something that everyone can get its fine.

If there were perks that were only purchasable then I’d say that’s wrong.


I’m fine with it.


It’s like buying shark cards for GTA. I’ve never purchased one and I’ve never gotten upset at anyone who has everything in the game.


For the least amount of salt, not allowing for purchase of anything but cosmetic items and characters makes sense.


There won’t be cash only perks. They’d only hurt themselves. From a business standpoint, they need micro-transactions. Otherwise, why are they paying for us to play the game for free without getting anything out of it?
It’s likely going to be full body skins, or a new form of cosmetics they might be planning for the future.


Cosmetics is the most reasonable and best option for microtransactions IMO. Tons of games work amazingly with just selling those.

Also someone said make perks not being able to be bought even with Silver Keys would be cool too. And just make it to where you have to level up to unlock all the other perks. Then everyone would just have to play the game to unlock the perks and just buy characters and skins with silver keys and have like Prime Skins where you buy those with real cash.


I’m all in support for it. I love Evolve and would like to keep supporting it.

It would also be nice, if we can help design skins and monsters to be added to the game.


If evolve gets microtransactions without a pay2win consequence, i’m all for it. Remember, pay2win is the easiest way to lose love from players.


While I agree, I just want to argue That Evolve would never be considered P2W. The characters don’t increase in strength the higher the tiers get. Each character is so different that they cannot be compared equally.

For example, Val is thee most concentrated healer, but Caira is the best consistant healer.

Sure, one character might be deemed as OP, but you have to realize that Evolve is an asymmetric game, so there is character synergy and situational advantages that need to be taken into account. It’s hard to balance a character if they would be broken in one aspect of the game.