Microsoft, Is Spying On You!


I was just curious, does anyone believe the Kinect and Windows 10 secertly spies on you. Like when you turn your xbox off, it is really still on watching you. And as for windows 10. People were doing reasons not to get or upgrade to windows 10 because:
1: It sends out your personal data to Microsoft. Even when you tell it not too.
2: It actually checks your computer to make sure you don’t have any stolen files or something that’s copyrighted. (Too Much Power) They can just access your files like that. I don’t think so.
Check out more reasons you should NOT upgrade to Windows 10 here’t+upgrade+to+windows+10

So what do you think, do you believe this? I think that this is a litte bit much. So, remember, when you go to lay down or something to go to sleep, unplug or turn around your Kinect. Do I believe it? Yeah! With today’s technology, I wouldn’t put a dougbt past it. So have even said, that the PRESIDENT, uses Microsoft to spy on us. Wow, just wow. I believe that to because the Government has already made tiny robotic bugs that can spy on you. Sure, why not. (Sarcasm) What do you think about all this?


It’s against the law to do this, so no, I don’t believe it.


Ok. If that’s what they want you to think. Don’t fooled by the Law enforcements. No for real I think it is true. Haven’t you heard about it, anywhere? Just because it is agaisnt the law, doesn’t mean they couldn’t get away it. It kinda depends. Are talking about the Kinect, Windows 10, or both?

Did you check the videos aswell?


Ok, I don’t get it, why the fuck do people hate Windows 10?

It is in my opinion, the fastest, best, modern, clean looking operating system.

It’s not buggy and for fucks sakes they don’t steal nothing. If Microsoft spy’s on you whatever, and doesn’t do anything about it who the fuck cares? They move on! They can’t waste their time on one person who for example got a game in another country that sells it for 10x cheaper than Steam or what not.


God. Cool it! I was just saying what it was. I suppose your mad because you saw those videos to the link I gave you. And another thing, I don’t hate them, and others don’t ethiter. I thought it was great and I wanted that. And there’s way better operating, systems, faster, modern and clean. Heck, your better getting a latop or something like that or get a gaming PC for that matter.

I really don’t know if you watch the news and read articles and stuff. You would know that they do infact, send personal info to there server. Sersiouly, don’t get that mad. I didn’t even say it was bad or anything, geez. :confused:


Lol of course they have personal info, when you press ‘Save’ everything gets sent to their server to better your experience. I don’t know why people actually get pissed when their name and age is leaked XD.


You know what, fine. I don’t care anymore. obviously your not getting it. I know that already.



There are competition . Some companies will do anything to raise their revenues . By filling a law suit . They will destroy Microsoft reputation . Which means competitors will raise their market share

What do you think is the benefit from spying on us ?

Data collection is legal . It’s useful . Spying is not


Some people just don’t know what market research is, or how it works :confused:


It’s called privacy. Do you know what people can do with your name and birth date?
Use it to fill out orders, use it to scam you (Ever seen those PayPal scam mails with your name in it?), use it to get more privat information. If you have a shitty bank and/or a lazy employe and you call them, saying you’ve lost your account number, having the name and the birth date can give you access to the account number which leads in buying stuff and paying it with that account number. fast forward: company X, who has YOUR details already, can sell it to company Y.

And in general to those idiots who claim they have nothing to hide and don’t care about privacy


If you joined a bank with such security policies, the issue lies in you joining said bank in the first place. You have a mouth to ask about their security, before you sign up for an account with them.

As for fishing mails… It’s up to you to check the validity of an email, before assuming it belongs to a corperation whose services you’re using. You cannot blame a company’s policies for a person’s ignorance.

Don’t expect other people to keep taps on your security. Handle it yourself and make sure you know what companies you’re actually getting involved with.


I won’t be upgrading to Windows 10 until I have no choice.
I need all the programs I use to be compatible but so far only a couple actually are.


There was more to it. There is a difference between the security policies and how employees handle request. Time pressure and so on

Scamming is pretty good at the moment. You can fake mails, to make them look like real mails. If you’re short on time and just quick read and click, it’s easy to get your data like this paypal scam on my trash mail. Yes, in the end it’s your fault if you click BUT, some people are not familiar with the internet and believe what they see and would click on everything and fall for the deception. I have more stuff at work, how companies get your money and so on, like giving you a 2nd contract that’s never mentioned in the first one. Just a few bucks for the 2nd contract but it adds up when people ignore it and pay


Ignorance is no excuse. Not reading a contract before signing it is exactly that. It’s a choice people make. They willingly allow themselves to be victims. I can’t feel sorry for people like that.


Law protects everyone

If someone is stupid enough to sign a contract but he doesn’t know how to read (illiteracy) . Law protect his right just like everyone else .


'nuff said - and I doubt you read EVERY ToS you come across

Depends on where you live, not every country protects you the same way


I swear on the first few posts from the OP I got a huge “Consperasay!” feeling…

Like… one of those types that just keep going and going? Even though you’re like “Nah bruh!” or “Aight! I got it!” they continue and continue and proceed to shove it in your face “SEE?! SEE!? LOOK AT THE FACTS! TEH EVERDERNCE! ITZ REEL!”

Oy… reminds me of my grandmother…

I’m kinda afraid to ask her if she still believes in Shape-Shifting Lizard People, Earth being flat and that Aliens are actually Demons from below not above.

Well actually I know she still believes in the Aliens bit but I dunno about the other stuff…


They can’t give second contracts unless it was stated previously. Not reading anything is not an excuse, like I said. Whether or not I read everything isn’t the topic at hand here, and trying to make this personal isn’t going to make you look any better either; quite the opposite.


I’m arguing with you and giving you facts, if you can’t handle it, it’s ok. I’ll stop. But like I said, I do contract shit for a living, I know how scamming in contracts works. Not stating other contracts in the signed contracts is, depends where you live, illegal, yes, but it still happens and reading doesn’t protect you from it.