Microphone Problems


I really need some help setting up my mic. I’ve been browsing through several different forums for the last couple hours trying to figure out why my microphone isn’t working, tried various fixes, and still can’t get anywhere. My microphone shows up and I can mess with its settings, but when I talk it doesn’t register.


For S2 on PC?


Yeah. It’s not a problem with S2, as it does the same thing with discord and even just testing it. The only time I can get the audio to pick up is when I bump it.


Sounds like the sensor is low. Do you have another set you can test? I’m wondering of its a driver issue.


Yeah I tested three different ones. I mean, they’re just cheap headsets, but they work fine on my ps4, so I know they’re capable of picking up sound.


Oooooh, could be a input jack issue. Does your pc have front and rear jacks?


Just a front one


Okay, that makes me think it’s a jack problem since they work on the ps4.

I might suggest trying a USB headset.


Ugh I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to get another one. Alright, thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Well it should confirm my suspicion, you can always return it if the problem persists.