Micropatch tips for hunters and new comps (8.1)


Considering the new patch and the new rift that has developed among us forumites regardless of platform and the fact that a lot of hunters are struggling with the new meta, I thought I would put out some advice about how to deal with experienced monsters. Other vets are more than welcome to put forth their wisdom here since I can’t speak for all platforms nor anyone else’s experiences.

First and foremost, I’ve been playing the game since launch, this is just my accumulative experience as a monster main and what I’ve learned from observing hunters. This will come in sections.

Jetpack Management

Jetpack Management Depending on the monster and the player, there is a pattern that monster players go through with ability combos. This varies from monster player to monster player and situation, but you can tell when there’s going to be a pattern. For instance, I open with a Warp Blast directly into your group and scatter all of you when I play a Wraith at one point, at another I may isolate a hunter with abduction, etc.

Learning this on the fly would be a pain in the ass, but once you start getting a beat on the pattern, start moving accordingly and avoid using your JP too much.

TL;DR: Kronk should only use Jetpack if have to.

Positioning & Terrain

Some places are better to fight for hunters than others similarly, some places are better to fight for monsters than others.

Hold the dome if it’s an unfavorable spot. Depending on your comp, you’ll want an area with a lot of elevation or with not many LoS breakers.

And I can’t stress these two things enough:



Again, I can’t stress that enough. Spread out. Pay attention to where the rest of your team is, especially if you’re closing in on an Evolving monster, get into position, Assault should be on the monster’s ass, Trapper should be ready to cheese around pillars and the like. Most Medics and Supports should be in an elevated position to avoid getting immediately targeted.

The reason I say most is because there’s some Supports or Medics that require getting up close to a monster E.G. Slim. The rules still apply, back off at the appropriate times, and keep the pressure up. That said, this is THE BIGGEST problem I see most teams make, especially if I ambush the team while they’re coming for me. If there’s been roughly 30 seconds since the last engagement or Evolve, spread out and be ready for an ambush.

TL;DR: Kronk pick location to fight. Kronk should hold the dome if in bad spot. Kronk should maintain certain distance from rest of the team at all times.


You’re hunting the monster and you’ve had a few skirmishes and it’s got to Stage 2 recently and you’re 100+ meters away from it roughly. By the time you get there it’ll be ready for you with full armor. The monster comes out of nowhere and downs your trapper, then your support, then your medic, before you finally fall. So what do you do to avoid this?

Once the monster Evolves to Stage 2, on the higher tiers, most monsters will attempt to engage at S2 before going to S3. If you’re far enough off, they’ll feed to armor up before trying to engage (at least I do). Spread out a little and be ready for it to come out of nowhere. Medic, Support, and Trapper should maintain a certain amount of distance from eachother, Assault should drive it into the killbox.

If a monster engages hold the fucking dome until it attempts to run I’ve only seen a handful of teams do this, and in the times that it’s happened, I’ve nearly or actually lost several matches because of it. You get guaranteed health damage if you can trap it with no armor, and you may get most of its health if your team knows how to dodge and the Assault is doing their job.

TL;DR: Kronk must spread out. Kronk needs to be ready. Kronk must work with team. Kronk must dome only if monster run.


Considering it’s still early, what I’ve seen work is TS Hank/OG Hank & Slim (firsthand experience), Caira & Hank/TS Hank/Sunny, etc.

Experiment with your comp in customs or in QP, see what works. Cabot works best with Burst assaults like Parnell, Lenny or Torvald. You COULD get away with Markov & Blitz Kov (the latter only amping when the gold beam is active or the monster happens to be about to run into a mine).

TL;DR: Kronk must experiment.

That’s the details I can think of. In practice it’s a lot more difficult despite me preaching this, but this shit works. You’re still perfectly capable of killing the monster, it just takes a lot more effort now that the crutch you’ve had for close to a year has been removed. Work on your game and adapt to the new meta.

Any other vets are free to share their thoughts and what they’ve experienced.

Edit: I should say: keep it clean I don’t want Platform wars or anything else here. It’s irrelevant in this regard. If you want to rant or flame, we’ve got other threads for that.


Kronk already does these.



Had a lot of success today running Hyde/Reload Emet/?? Cabot/Reload and Waggie/Jetpack. (Don’t remember what our Emet ran with)

We were running with RogueVal/Reload but felt that Emet had an edge over her. Today we beat gorgons, goliaths, behemoths. And lost to elder krakens.

Also, this…

Some good trapper advise here. If it wants to fight, let it. No need to cage a willing monster. Wait till he gets to a couple bars of armour left, then position to where you can dome as soon as he starts to run. Also if it runs into a corner of the map like the shore of weather station (tower?) Position to where you can get a guaranteed dome, and tell your team to push in and start on the armour. If it instantly starts to flee, then some armour is gone and you still have the whole dome duration to get the rest of it, then health damage.


My personal advice for pretty much any medic… Run Jump Height as your perk. Once the monster focusses on you, jump into the air; every hit will cause knock back and will send you flying away from the monster. The distance created will lead to the monster having to waste traversals to get back to you, and the knock back doesn’t disable you from healing yourself. During all this your support or trapper should be able to set up a perimeter and should be able to help you out again.

From personal experience I can tell that Jump Height works best on EMET, Caira and Rogue Val; I’ve tried it on Lazarus too and it’s just as effective, but you’ll need a real good support to keep this man alive.

As a monster try to be opportunistic. Don’t wait until full armor to engage, they won’t expect that. They’ll be in for much more of a surprise if you attack the hunter party at 50% armor. You’re fighting on your terms, so you should be prepared; they’re not.


Yeah JH is viable but on Emet i prefer MS as you need to be constantly deploying those booyies but yeah i think JH is quite underrated actually,good for chasing monster and escaping so yeah


Movement Speed for EMET? Heh. That’s only useful if you wanna place buoys and run to place the respawn beacon. Really not a big fan of that tactic, since it’s a really weak one. With jump height you just place your buoys and dodge while the monster tries to down you; buoys will heal you up in the mean time allowing you to survive without any issues, especially if you have a support or trapper helping out.

MS would never allow you to dodge as much as JP would, and dodging is what keeps you alive with his kind of healing. It’s the same principle as Rogue Val. The passive heals are more than good enough to keep you going, and the heal burst should be able to prevent any damage whatsoever for staying on you for extended periods of time. You’ll be more dependent on your support and trapper, but at the end of the day this is a co-op game anyway.


I actually find MS with him to be better for cheesing, go around a pillar with a Goliath on your ass and you switch directions every which way to keep the monster guessing, you’ll be able to live, especially if you got a good hank who can keep up with you.


MS is good so you can get out of dodge and place a respawn beacon down,also so you can get to a stranded hunter and throw a healing totem but yeah it’s not the best perk to have just a good one.


I really hope they make it so he continues to run when throwing his buoys like what they are doing to Caira, Hank and other hunters, I feel like that would be really helpful for him especially when he’s healing on the run!