Micropatch caused lower latency?


Has the overall latency been reduced in the micropatch? The controls feel far more responsive, now.

Maybe I was only in matches where I had a good connection. Can anyone confirm?


Still a bit laggy for me (PC), but is now down to levels where it is playable again



And I can now play against American friends more because the lag is tolerable. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice one TRS.


From germany: Lots of laggy, lots of uncounted hits due to delay. Even the intromovie is freezing while it tries to get connection to server now. Wasnt an issue before patch -_-


I’m pretty sure micropatches can’t have any effect on latency, positive or negative. I think latency improvement or degradation is due to network/internet conditions only.


So its witchcraft?


If it would work reliably, I’d think about it.