Micro transaction


Will micro transaction be added in this game? If… yes, I’d stop playing this game, and buy a new game instead


Yes. They are a company and they will try to make money off the game, now that it is free-to-play they will offer some kind of micro-transactions, like buying keys so you don’t have to grind as much, or buying exclusive skins, or getting early access to new characters, who knows.


Buying cosmetic stuff is fine for me, but buying keys? Wouldn’t that make the game “pay to win”, I don’t usually like playing “pay 2 win” games, it’s a huge turn off for me


It’s not pay to win since you can unlock everything without paying for anything.


Let me get this straight: you’re playing a game for free where there is not a bit of exclusive content behind a paywall and if any kind of microtransactions, even ones like buying skins instead of having to grind for them, you’re abandoning it?


You mean people who like buying skin? I agree if they add micro transaction for exclusive skin, they need money to keep the server running, please turtle rock, don’t messed up again, I love playing evolve