Micro patch tips please?


Ok so i havent played long enough to experience the new micropatch and i would like to be aware of any pointers you pros out their can give me with the following characters:

  1. Wraith
  2. Goliath
    3 Val
  3. Caira
  4. Abe
  5. Markov
    Any and all tips are accepted, i just want to know what to expect when i return to evolve. Thanks in advance!
    p.s. Hows behemoth now, i was about to purchase him but im wondering if the micropatch has made him worse or not.


Behemoth is still being worked on. He’s good but not at his full potential.


Ah thats good to know. At first he didnt look all that fun but that all changed when i joined a match midgame and i was behemoth. Most fun i had so far and i won (By a hair to be honest). Now ill def buy him.
Also, do you know any helpful tips? I really dont wanna be caught off gaurd in an intense match. :smile:


I’m not good at giving tips because it’s all on your playstyle but you can watch some of my games to get an idea of how I play and see if you can spin it your way. This is my channel.


Ah many thanks man.