Micro patch did not fix wraith traversal bug. It is still live in-game XB1

The wraith traversal glitch where the monster auto-aims at the nearest hunter is still present. It is essentially the same as it was pre-patch. Just wanted to let the programmers know it is still an ongoing problem.

It’s better than it was. It’s still there but the cone for auto aim seems reduced. before the hot fix I could point straight up in the air and warp horizontally toward a hunter. now it only seems to happen if there’s a hunter near my cursor.

Improved but still annoying.

Remove the auto aim entirely please. I like to be able to warp above or below hunters so i can actually knock them where i want.

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yah ive noticed still here as well on xb1, bboth times it happen were on defend games too. i have them recorded i can try to post them soon if thats any help but it happens much much less than before but its still there :confused:

I’ve tried Wraith multiple times on PC, and it appears to me that the issue has been resolved. Couldn’t get a single win with her prepatch, now I can’t get a single loss with her.


Any info on this?

This issue’s also still on PS4:

Adding @MajorLeeHyper

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Thanks for the heads up guys! Got a fix internally for the wraith traversal that after some testing we’re aiming to get it into the next title update for consoles (will update the in progress bug page soon with that info). The bug Plaff mentions is slightly different and we’re looking into.

A little more info on this. PC currently has the complete fix for the Wraith Traversal bug in Patch 5.1. Consoles only have a partial fix for it in patch 5.1, that fixes the bug in many cases, but not all. The full fix for console will require a code change, so it cannot be fixed any further by a Micro-patch.

The stuck in Abduction pose bug is a separate issue that we are aware of and looking into.

I think my understanding of what is a micro-patch vs a hotfix vs a title update is off. From what I thought you guys said was that we got a hotfix on consoles with 5.1. Was focused on bugs. Was that just a micropatch?

Micro patch = changing numbers in a set file that rebalances the game
Hot Fix = Code changes that are only focused on bugs.
Title Update = Can do anything basically.

So did consoles get the code change for this or did only pc get the code change and consoles got the micro patch?

5.1 Was a Hotfix for all platforms… However, since consoles require submitting a build to Microsoft/Sony for approval before release for Title Updates and Hotfixes… the console versions had to be submitted before the full fix could be implemented… PC does not have this requirement, so we were able to keep fixing issues for PC after the console versions had been submitted. It’s unfortunate, but this is the reality of Console game updates.

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Awesome. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Makes sense. Completely understandable.