Mic Only Servers


Self explanatory. There’s no reason for people with mics to have to be paired up with people without em. Give us a que up option to join other like minded fellas. I have yet to meet someone on xbox who doesn’t agree with me on this issue. Hell, 3/5 five people bring this up as we play. That’s gotta mean SOMETHING’s up right?


LoL you do know the Evolve player base isn’t big enough for this kind of feature unless you want to spend 30 mins waiting for a lobby?

I like your idea but it’s not practical really and not everyone has to have a mic to play with them,just tell them some instructions or just lower your expectations a little of people. :wink:


Mic only playlist
same as normal playlist but for those with mics only
why isn’t this a thing?



It boggles the mind, I swear…


while I agree we are a small community, my issue is no mic people don’t normally listen.


Well that’s a darn shame.

But curious though, where’d you get this info on there not being enough people on console to implement this? I thought only PC was having issues?


I’m on ps4 so i can’t speak from xb1 view point but if this was implemented on ps4 i wouldn’t find anyone because not many use their mic’s


It’s a rather uncommon thing here, enough have them that I;m fairly confident I’ll find at least one person with a mic for every 3 games, but that’s just it. Only 1 or 2 for every THREE games. That’s awful. Is it that bad on Ps4?


Yes! well everyone has the starter mic that comes with ps4 so yeah but on ps4 i kid you not maybe 1 in 10 games a player may speak,luckly i have some foreign friends (Russians lol there’s a few on ps4) who i party chat with!!


I’m on ps4 as well.
I feel that people SHOULD use them. we get one for free.
Unless you are incapable of speech or hearing. I don’t see any excuse for console other than I don’t wanna


I don’t know if Evolves servers are Region based but i never play with American’s so maybe it’s just a Ps4 European issue.


I KNOW right??? The consoles have em FREE yet few choose to use them.

But I kinda get why. You really do need some thick skin to be talking to the many anonymous fellas found online.

You have the mouth breathers, creepy guys, the one’s CONSTANTLY lusting after woman online (so there’s goes one gender being excluded), the “badasses” who think they’re hot stuff, the mother#@$$ers who think !@#$#!@ing cursing is the new thing !@#@#$, did I type enough @#$@#$@ to express that?

So ya, no micers do have a strong argument as to why they won’t use them. Even when I don’t plan on using my mic, I still hook it up because the language people use sometimes… I just don’t want the little ones reiterating what they hear (we just got one to finally stop saying "f*ck every 3 seconds)


I have a headset and that starter mic but sometimes if i have my mic on and know one else does i feel like 1-i’m telling them what to do (which means they think i’m a twat lol) 2-i get annoyed easily sometimes say if i get revived by someone other than Laz,so i’d just let my anger out.

Guess when you play without mic your just playing for a fun time maybe not bothered about winning etc so i get it


Respectfully, I think this idea makes no sense at all.


I said this back when the game launched . The amount of People that lack the hardware to communicate is ridicules . It’s does make the game way less fun to play . Trs should implement this I as I know a ton of good players (have mics) that’s can’t stand getting into pub matches with guys who aren’t coordinated at all (no mics )… Of there was a mic only lobby’s I can gurentee I would be playing that all the times having way more fun and meeting more people who enjoy this game as much as I do . Not a bunch of mutes that love to loose.


Some people can’t speak, some people can’t use voice chat because of their home/environment, some people don’t chat because they literally don’t speak the same language as you.

On that note, while you guys in America may feel that mic-only servers make sense, meanwhile in Europe we’ll continue to be paired up with people from other countries that don’t speak our language, decreasing the pool of English listening players we’re with and english writing players we’re with.

All in all, a nice sentiment that has terrible practical implications.


the player base is too low for any changes …


The idea is good, but people will just plug in their mic to gain access while not intending to use their mic anyway, because in their head it’s just a competition to be part of as many exclusive things as possible:
“Look mom! I’m on a mic only server! Im better than the others!”


If no micers bother you why not find and friend people with mics for that extra tactical edge?