Meteor vs Normal Goliath


What are the exact differences between these two monsters?

I understand from the flavor text that meteor adds DOT effects to his attacks. Does that mean he does less damage with each initial hit? Hp or speed difference?

I feel like this information must exist somewhere but I can only find out if date stuff.

  • Same HP and Armor
  • MG leaps father
  • MG burns everything
  • Goliath has abilities that hit harder but harder to land, MG had abilities that hit easier. but has less impact damage.
  • MG has longer cooldown
  • MG has leap smash and charge that goes farther.


And all of that sounds like an upgrade, but MG is far weaker than his OG counterpart


Just ask @deanimate, he LOVES Meaty. Despises Og.



No, he loves Behemoth! Best monster, 10/10


I love Meaty. OG is cool too. If a Hunter has low health and somehow survives one of my abilities, I’ll go attack another Hunter while the other gets downed. I actually play Meaty the way OG Goliath is supposed to be played. Focusing one target, instead of spreading out. It works out for me.


I really dislike their current design, they shouldn’t be exactly the same with minor damage/cooldown tweaks.

Kraken got that right, they both have a unique ability, & all the abilities have a different name.

Goliath should as well. A Lunge instead of Leap-smash or Comet Crash instead of Rock-Throw, & names like Power Charge versus Comet Charge.


Meteor goliath reveals an invis lazarus trough the DoT effect on him when he hits him with something :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it had something to do with budget and it being the very first adaptation in Evolve.


Yeah, after Meteor they said future adaptations would be far more different to their original counterparts. And so far, that is holding true.

As for this, Meteor’s abilities hit for less damage, but apply burn DoT. That is the most important difference between them, really.

So for Meteor, you should spread out your damage. If you continuously attack one target like with Goliath, you’ll be wasting your burn damage, because the next hit will apply new burn damage and the old DoT from the previous attack will be lost. You’re literally losing DPS.

Original Goliath will focus someone down hard, Meteor will spread out damage over more players. A dev once said that with Meteor, people won’t go down for a while longer, but when they do everyone will start dying really close together. And I think that holds true.


Sorry ? Isn’t MG’s leap smash wayy harder to land since it has a wayyy smaller radius (and bigger CD) ?

Did anyone notice that Goliath now have a shorter FlameBreath ?
(as opposed to MG’s FlameBreath)

Isn’t MG’s charge longer than Goliath’s one ?

I see plenty of minor other differences !


I don’t think so, however it has a longer range. THis also means that if you try to leap smash someone close to you it takes far longer and they can dodge.

Downside and plus side to everything.



Personally I like MG better since it lights everything on fire and I think that’s pretty useful. But the regular Goliath has more damage into his attacks… So I don’t really know. They’re both pretty good if you ask me.


My stats so far OG: 7-6 MG: 15-1
I don’t know if i just was lucky on MG but he somehow feels stronger for me, besides the stats.


He makes inexperienced players panic, which makes him strong. He’s a worse version of Goliath, but he scares people because all they see is fire :stuck_out_tongue: