Meteor Monsters and future alts

So there’s a few ways they could do alts, M Goliath being the first. First of all, they could be rare and appear in solo only, like a shiny Pokemon. Then, they could make it like Mortal Kombat and have two or three alts for each character. Or they could just have it be a skin with model changes and ability effects :smile: . Or, they could start selling alts like skins which I really don’t want happening, as this would sorta take the uniqueness of each monster. Goliath wouldn’t be Goliath :confused: . I personally hope for the first. What do you guys think?

Pretty sure each Monster is getting at least one. All of them are free.

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Do you think it’ll be “The Meteor Package”? With a Meteor Wraith and a Meteor Behemoth and so on? OR do you think this’ll just be a kind of theme so each Monster alt will be similar but different? i.e. Astral Kraken, Plasma Behemoth…