Meteor Goliath vs Goliath(who's the better pick?)


Who is better? Is the burst damage of Goliath necessary? Or does the DoT truly make up for it?


Golaith. Stealth, burst and overall is better.


I prefer MG,looks cooler,fire breath is insanely good,set hunters on fire with every ability!




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Like any other monster, it depends on the comp your fighting. MG is better against val and laz while OG is better against caira and slim. Since MG’s traversal abilities go farther than OG’s but have a longer cooldown to compensate I’d say MG does better against maggie and griffin while OG can counter stasis better. There MG would be better against Sunny since the drone has to constantly switch targets. Idk with hank and jack and I think they perform about evenly against the rest of the hunters.

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MG. The only thing he might struggle more with is Slim, and that’s a might.

The only team advantage OG carries is burst damage, and that’s counteracted by the fact that MG still has great damage, it’s just spread out. And MG’s burst really isn’t all that bad, either.

OG’s playstyle is to shred one particular character. Tricky sidewinder Rock Throws or reverse Leap Smashes can spread out damage, but it’s usually better to just focus one character down.

MG spreads out that damage, which I’m starting to think might be excessively strong. The healer can’t heal two targets as quickly MG can burn them both down, so the medic has to either choose or get close for double Healing Bursts, which just means two targets will eat your next Charge or Leap. My worst games as MG have been ones where I devoted too much time to a single target, and the healer outpaced my damage.

As for out of combat, still definitely MG. Easier job killing wildlife, a literally faster moving traversal, and long-distance Charges and Leap Smashes help him get away and stay away long enough to get armor. Against good teams or Sunny, OG just isn’t fast enough to fight with full armor after being found once.

I’ve only played OG a couple times since MG came out. I’d play a team as MG, stomp them, face them again as OG and get stomped, and then switch back and dominate. It’s night and day.


Actually I’d say Meaty is better for stealth- Meteor Goliath’s flames go out when he crouches and then he’s VERY dark. No glow to him whatsoever, unlike Goliath, who’ll glow bright red with half armor or more.


Wasn’t aware of that. But I prefer golaith over MG.


Goliath if you like just like simple combat, and focus on a single person rather than the whole team. Meteor Goliath is better if you are good at darting around, hitting as many people as possible as quick as possible. Gameplay between the two is surprisingly very different, so you really cant say which one is better.


Technically I believe MG has a higher W/L ratio, so Meteor Goliath would probably be classed as “the better pick”.

I am on the other hand, utterly useless at utilising him DoT, as I prefer to hit heavy straight away, therefore making standard Goliath the more logical choice for me.


That might be skewed by the fact that everyone was new when they started playing OG so they were bound to lose a lot while they were learning. By the time MG came a long experienced monsters could already play quite well and were excited to try him out.


It depends. Meteor Goliath suffer against shield supports, but I’m experimenting with taking three points into his extra fast rock throw and playing him like a normal Goliath, which do seem to work to some degree.

I don’t like his Leap Smash though. the extra range seem to launch you higher up in the air, hence increasing the travel time.

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Yeah, I really don’t like that :<

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Anyone tried a melee oriented build with a meaty Goliath instead of standard rockthrow one?. Screwed around with it and did really well.


I personally like Meaty Goliath his abilities are much more powerful with one point in it than OG Goliath. Meteor goliath has such an easy time getting away with his extended charge and leap smash. While yes he does lack some burst damage, putting 3 points into rock at stage 2 is a perfect way to get great burst. The rock recharges super fast and is very high velocity so if you point blank someone from less than 15 meters, it will hit very easily. Once you’ve mastered rock on Meteor Goliath, you can break through high defensive comps with some degree of ease.


Before 5.0, I screwed around with 3 charge, 3 leap, 3 fire and it also did surprisingly well. Charge is underated.


I like charge because once you hit who you want you can stop it and preform a heavy right away maximizing dmg. I like charge better then Ls by a large margin.

This is how I use my points

S1: 1 RT, 1 FB, 1 charge
S2: 2 RT, 1 FB, 1 LS, 2 charge
S3: 3 RT, 1 FB, 2 LS, 3 charge

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