Meteor Goliath update

Okay so I am aware that Meteor Goliath will be free when the update for it comes on Sept.3, but what if I can’t download the update on the week. If I update say in December or January, will the Meteor Goliath be available still by then and I can get it after downloading?

Yes, it was always planned to be free for the players.

You technically have him already. The next patch will most likely just unlock him.

Okay that’s good. You know what’s funny though, I had originally mentioned somewhere on the forums about making a godzilla themed Goliath. Now while that can’t happen because of copyright I still said it would be cool if they had happened to do it, that his spikes could light up blue and breath blue fire… and then the Meteor Goliath, 20 times better than what I suggested, was born. I don’t know if they the idea from me but TRS is watching guys.


There is no limited time there is needed to get Meteor Goliath or anything else free. It will be accessed to anybody for an unlimited so you don’t need to worry. :smile:

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Thanks. It’s also cool how they made it free. I think it’s because it’s a nice way to introduce the concept to players. But an adapted wraith and kraken would be really cool but obviously priced and much more expensive since it is not just cosmetic but changes gameplay.

Goliath isn’t cosmetic. It’s got changes as well. And I’m sure if they do more adaptations they will be free as well.

No, I don’t think so. It would be amazing if they made all adaptations free, but come on… it’s essentially a new monster if not upgraded. The only reason Goliath’s was free was that may have wanted to see if we like the idea and also since Goliath was always available right from the start. If people generally like it, we can expect even more badass adaptations.

Any adaptations will most likely be free. I don’t see them changing that.

I hope that’s true lol

he also has a uncanny terminology…“meteor” goliath , “space” godzilla