Meteor Goliath too much?


Personally, along with my cousin, we think that the Meteor Goliath has become too much. Overall the regular goliath is well rounded. He has speed, he is agile and he can fight on multiplains if you can use him well. Woth the meteor goliath though, with all his abilities being able to set hunters on fire (and longer than the regular goliath) i believe has gone too far. Right off the bat, we all know the insane range on both of the goliath’s flame breath. Along with the crazy damage rock throws deal along with its damage radius. I believe the game has become way too monster based and it should changed


Well I disagree with a lot of what you say.

and you sir are wrong. The game is and has been for a very long time been in a Hunter favored meta.

Meteor Goliath is pretty balanced. Just learn to counter him.


The game is hunter favored, and Meteor Goliath is far from being “too much”.


The CDs are longer on meteor goliath.

The rock throw is meant to be punishing if you got hit with it. It’s actually pretty easy to dodge but if get directly hit it’s about 600-700damage in total. If you get hit by just the blast it’s around 300-400.

@10shredder00 ninjad me.

The game is majority hunter favored in the competitive skill brackets


I am ninja-ing everyone today :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea I saw that like right after he posted. Didn’t recognize his name so I checked to see ~20mins


The only thing that may be too much about meters goliath is how sick nasty he looks in action lol


He’s saying Monsters are OP when they aren’t.



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Generally, the overall consensus here is that the game is currently hunter-favored. If you haven’t found this thread yet, I recommend taking a look because it’s about the game balance:

It’s a good read, and the Devs occasionally throw some graphs up showing the balance of the game’s characters!

Right now MG (Meteor Goliath) is pretty balanced because while the flames of his attack have a high residual burn damage, the initial impact damage of the abilities is less than OG’s (original Goliath) so it about evens out.

The damage also doesn’t stack so if you Leap Smash someone and then right away Charge them, the Monster is wasting some damage potential to Hunters. MG is not the strongest with a combo-playstyle as opposed to OG. It’s a different feel to a Monster fight that you, as a Hunter, need to adapt to. The best advise I can really offer you is to make sure you guys really spread out in a fight because MG does best when you’re all bunched up and he can keep you all on fire so the Medic can’t keep up with healing.

And for a few of you here, you guys don’t need to be so rude just because we have a new member who hasn’t been around for the many discussions about MG. You should welcome them, especially if they’ve only been on for an hour.


Like others have said- This game is relatively hunter favored. The two arguably strongest monsters from a competitive aspect, are lucky to see victory about 50% of the time- Which is kraken and wraith. And this is only if you DONT look at how the most competitive team in the game (or who many feel is arguably the most competitive anyways imo) influences things, because including their games quite literally throws off the average,

Yes MGs abilities go further/faster, but they also do substantially less “up front” damage. Ability for ability, they can do slightly more damage over time, but as a huge chunk of the damage comes from that “dot” of his burn, he is incapable of augmenting his damage or doing rapid burst much as original goliath is comparatively. If you do a leap, let the dot run out, and then do a charge, and then let the burn run out- youll do more damage than if original goliath did a leap+charge. BUT, if you land a leap+charge with meteor goliath, youll do less (because all youre doing is extending the dot, not doubling it). If that makes sense. This also has the downside of giving the team a lot of time to react, counter, and heal back the damage that the meteor goliath can do since it comes slowly over time.

And as others have pointed out- Theyre on a longer cooldown. So the rate at which he can use his combos is notably delayed. And in a game like evolve, a few seconds can make a HUGE difference.

All said and done, goliath/meteor goliath are- in the yes of many, arguably the weakest overall monsters in the game. Goliath in particular is super susceptible to the games plethora of hard and soft forms of CC, not to mention he struggles the hardest with the hunters super amazing awesomely powerful ability to… run in circles around small objects.

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What the heck do you hope to accomplish with garbage posts like that? Way to be REAL helpful. Bravo, pat yourself on the back.

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Yep :stuck_out_tongue:

I accomplish getting my frustration of noobies suggesting balances which have been ruining this game for it’s lifespan. :slight_smile:

I’ve brought great help before. And it wasn’t directed at you so why you blowin it up broski? :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing with Meteor Goliath and OG, that I take from playing both of them is not only are my builds different between the two; but they are both similar and different in the way you have to approach things.

OG: He finally feels in a pretty good spot besides what can happen with his traversals/being kited around objects…overall he is straight in your face fun and when chained correctly, a hunter won’t be able to survive for long.

MG: Yes, blue fu*kin fire!!..but longer cool downs because of the cool awesome DOT :confused: shucks; now some people might say not to focus a hunter and to spread the damage. That is true…to an extent, you can focus but what you don’t want to do is spam ability after ability on the same foe right after one lands–let that burn do its thing all while smacking that pest around and burning his allies while they try to protect them causing the medic and everyone else to divert attention to themselves.

Short but sweet of my two cents.


Some stuff you left out, either because you didn’t know it, or you didn’t want to make the counter-argument apparent are…

  1. Meteor Goliath has way longer cooldowns than the regular Goliath.

  2. Meteor Goliath does less base damage than the regular Goliath.

Maybe try running a defensive comp. MG’s damage can’t keep up with a defensive teams mitigation, whereas OG can’t compete with an offensive teams damage. For MG I would suggest running…

Val/Slim, Hank/Sunny, Jack/Griffin/Maggie, and Markov/Hyde.

For OG I would suggest running…

Lazarus/Caira, Cabot/Bucket, Abe/Crow, and Parnell/Torvald/Lennox.

When you play this game, you need to “evolve” your strategy. If you think it’s monster favored, you clearly are doing something wrong. Hunters have way more team comps that make them powerful as fuck. The above comps I’ve listed are great for these monsters. Try different things before you scream OP, and you just may be surprised how easy it is.


We’ve been asked by the mod team to refrain from using the term here. Not sure if that’s why he took an outgoing position on it in his post, but in either case, it’s fallen under the ‘Adds nothing productive to the conversation’ area for these forums, it looks like.



this game is monster balanced? ok (?)


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I dont wanna read the 20 Comments now to be Honest so I just say what already got told.

Meteor Goliath does the same damage as normal Goliath with the Flames blah blah.

Your Wrong.


I agree with you but I think thats the point of M Goliath. They wanted to have at least 1 OP monster to see how the WL ratio would change and they chose Goliath cause he is the main monster of Evolve


Meteor goliath is quite arguably under powered, let alone “over” powered, in the eyes of many.