Meteor Goliath Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Stage 2: Meteor Goliath Strategy, Tips and Advice


in short try burning everyone


As Meaty do you hit all hunters equally so that the medic doesn’t know who to focus on or do you focus one hunter while using your dots for small damage against the others?


Depends on the medic you are against.

If you are against Rogue Val you will want to focus more. If you spread your damage to much her passive heal will just keep them all up.



My build is:
S1- 1 LS 1 FB 1 CH
S2- 1 RT 1 LS 2 FB 2 CH
S3- 1 RT 2 LS 3 FB 3 CH


S1: 2 RT and 1 leap

S2: 3 RT 2 LS 1 FB

S3 3 RT 3 LS 3 FB