Meteor goliath rework?


Now let me start off by saying that I don’t dislike meteor goliath as he is, but I would like to see him reworked, and let me explain why.

First of all, meteor goliath was the very first adaptation thay was released, so it’s understandable that he’s a bit different.

The reason I think a rework would be good is because I think that meteor goliath could be so much more than he currently is. Right now, he’s essentially just a cool looking skin with slightly different stats than goliath. Nothing all thay distinguishable between him and the default in terms of abilities.

Now that the elder kraken has been revealed with fairly different abilities than the default kraken, I think it would be really cool to see meteor goliath abilities altered in some way.

Maybe replace leap smash with a low damage but high radius AOE. Maybe fire breath could be replaced by meteor goliath shooting 2 or 3 small fireballs. Rock throw could maybe be replaced by rocks hurling down from the sky (alot like hanks orbital barrage).

Just throwing the idea out there, let me know if you guys have any ideas for new abilities, or maybe if you just want to see meteor goliath completely unchanged.


They only had a few days to push Meaty out.


I don’t really feel like he needs a rework. He feels like he’s in a good place to me right now.


I know, that’s why I’m saying it would be cool if they went back and reworked him.


I don’t think it’s needed. They got all the adaptations ahead of them to focus on.


Yeah, but he’s kind of an anomaly in terms of adaptations.

  • For them to go back and rework Meteor Goliath would be an immense amount of work and plainly not worth it. If they were to do anything about it then they can always just make another Goliath adaptation so we could technically have three playable Goliaths. Therefore I’d say it’s unlikely for him to be changed.

  • Personally, I like his design, I think he’s cool, but overall he was a guinea pig. He was the first of his kind unfortunately and had the least development time and as such was far less advanced than what we have and will have in the future. Perhaps this may change with future adaptations, who knows.

  • Funnily enough we already have a thread on this where I’ve already explained most of what there is on Meteor Goliath as well as others have. If you want to discuss this please discuss it there.

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Sorry, didn’t think there was another thread discussing this. I think a second adaptation would be just as good though.


Don’t worry! I’m just tagging them in-case they feel it’s worthy of a merge or not.

The more the merrier I say!


Yeah while he feels different to play its not as significant difference like the other adaptions.


If they chose one Monster to go and make a second adaptation it should be Goliath because he’s Evolve’s “poster” child of a sort. He also needs some love since T5 started coming out, they shred him pretty hard the majority of the time.


Yeah, tbh goliath is probably my favorite monster.


I mean if they really want to change it after all the other adaptations I say go for it. I just feel they will focus on the other adaptations first.


Yeah, I kinda had in mind that after they come out with tier 5 adaptations, they go back to meteor goliath.


Well as of now they are only doing adaptations up to tier 3. They may do more but haven’t said anything.


Oh I didn’t know that. Makes sense I guess, as they can’t really be free if you have to pay for the dlc to get the original character.

Was kinda looking forward to behemoth adaptation though.


I mean if the game keeps going there is a chance for dlc adaptations, but maybe we would have to pay for them. Which I am fine with. charge them less than a new character I would buy and adaptation for tier 4 and 5.


Yeah, same here.


I think that one is a different discussion since the op is asking if Meaty was an experimental adaptation, while this one is a suggestion on how to improve Meaty :slightly_smiling: