Meteor Goliath is waaay OP

Meteor Goliath is just way OP.
2 reasons:

  1. Blue fire
  2. Horns
  3. Covered in flames
    Meteor Goliath basically is like the only monster to pick. All the other monsters just can’t compete. MG looks way too cool. Kraken is ugly beard squid, basically the worst pick. Behemoth even has a beard on his badge. Wraith comes close to being viable because he doesn’t have a beard but its not enough.

Heres what I suggest:

  • Nerf Krakens Beard
  • Nerf Krakens Beard and remove Behemoths Badge
  • Give MG a beard

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This post has nothing do with the topic above.

did i fix it?

I was talking about my post not meaning anything about your topic :stuck_out_tongue:

#alert. incoming meteor goliaths with shitty quality copy-pasted beards inbound.

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Shoo get outta here… damn rodents.

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the hype is real

sounds like someones jelly cause his weight makes him dribble intestines all over the floor like someone spilled noodles on their chest

woah, lets keep the monster on monster violence out of here. Behemoth is fine just the way he is, and we shouldnt treat him any different.

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at least goliath doesn’t load himself with mcdonalds after every arena mode match


You know getting hit by Giant Logs of arms can kill someone…

Hey! STOP THAT! :angry:

goliath and kraken use elemental abilities to kill hunters and wraith went to Hogwarts, yet behemoth is basically a sonix wannabe. point?

Gotta stock up on PROTEIN
He does that so he can get buff. He has to keep his wlr up, he has a rep on the streets for the highest melee.
I heard that he can bench twice his weight yo. Get buffs or get out.

he would bench it if it was a cheeseburger twice his size, and when it came down it would be a quarter


Behemoth is pure brute, what else do you want? Its better than having a Kraken fly and electrecute you to death while you barely can get past his armor.

kraken is a good point. but ur still fat and whenever you roll its like that fat kid that you could eat for hibernation tripped down the stairs.

also @chrono this deserves off-topic

Was borderline on that decision. Will do.

The amounts of sass you are fuming is too damn high!