Meteor goliath is most powerful Indeed


Anyone else notice how powerful the meteor goliath is lol


Nope, because he’s not, at the end of the day he’s still a Goliath, and against a good team they just aren’t as strong as they should be


he is not i think he need a buf


Already a thread for discussing him. Might I suggest utilizing the search function to see if a thread already exists before creating a new similar one?


Meteor Goliath is better at spreading damage, making him better against more offensive comps.

Original Goliath is better at burst damage, making him better against more defensive comps.


How do I delete this post I’m new


There are other threads, like the one above, discussing Meteaor Goliath, please check them out! :smile:

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You ask Leaders or Mods to close the thread for you :smile:


Since you’re new, I suggest you check this thread