Meteor Goliath is king?


What is the purpose of normal Goliath anymore since Meteor Goliath is just all around better? Hell, he’s better then all the other monsters from the looks of it.


OG is all about burst damage, while Meaty is more about spreading damage


Not true, OG has more burst damage and shorter cooldowns then meteor Goliath. Its all about preference really .


Meteor does less up front damage, and longer cooldowns, but is faster and adds DOT with each ability. Entirely based on preference.


Decided to test this out and played a game as both. Both of these statements are wrong.

The longer range and constant damage from meteor makes the comparison a no contest. Infact you can easily take out a Hunter team at stage 1 as Meteor Goliath.


No, they were correct.

Go and look at Meteor’s release patch notes. He has longer CD’s than Goliath, his attacks have less impact damage and apply fire DoT’s.

Meteor is better against more offensive comps that lack defence, but a heavily defensive team will put him at a disadvantage. Vice versa with Goliath.

Then they were pretty bad.


I’m terrible with Meaty yet crush with OG.

somewhere around 60 wins and only 1 loss as of right now.

Meaty makes my screen too busy, I can’t figure out where people are lol.