Meteor Goliath has failed me for the last time

Until TRS decides to fix Goliath and Meteor Goliath I refuse to play either of these monsters. Their damage is laughable and terrain affects these monsters the most by far. I played a game vs Slim and Hank and Slim face tanked me at S2 with Hank’s help. I never got him down below 60% and died a horrible death as slim jumped pack around a little but was shooting and out healing my damage the whole time.

M. Goliath is supposed to spread her damage, so her base damage is weakened.


You just have to stay far away from Slim and use fire breath and rock throw from a distance. He can’t heal fast enough to counteract MG if you do that

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Every time I play Goliath I do really good, I dont know what you’re talking about.

Yeah thats a Slim/Hank prob, Meaty is fiiiiine


Behemoth? :slight_smile:

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I main behemoth and bob doesn’t have near the problems with terrain compared to Goliath.

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Behemoth’s best on flat terrain. But once he gets some cliffs and ledges and the like…easiest monster to juke for days. then kraken, then golaith then wratih.

Also golaith didn’t fail you…you failed golaith.

Right and all the other retired Goliath mains that are complaining about his lack of power all failed Goliath too right? And the fact that Goliath is last in WLR means that TRS failed Goliath too right?


Doesn’t help burst was reduced across the board for all monsters…save somehow behemoth.

Well granted normal Goliath right now is garbage. MG, however, is not. It’s just a different monster, and you have to treat it as such. If you’re trying to get up in the hunter’s faces and focus down one person… you’re gonna have a bad time.

Well SOMEONE has to have the lowest WLR. If there are more than one then one of them is obviously gonna be lower than the others and one of them is obviously gonna be higher than the others. Doesn’t necessarily mean any are better or worse.


Do you guys actually think Goliath is a viable monster right now?

I havent lost a game as him since 5.0, so sure.

Not at high level play, no. He is way too easily avoided by hunters who have any sort of skill with terrain juking.

While Rapterror has a technical point in that someone must have “the” lowest winrate, I disagree with his overall sentiment. Instead, the ideal would be that while someone is lowest, everyone still falls in the 48% to 52% range. Right now OG’s winrate is way lower than the ideal range. He needs adjustments, and he is getting some.

Terry was correct in saying that you have to adjust your strategy when playing MG, especially when facing Slim. Hitting as many people with Fire Breath as you can, from as far away as you can, and then staying out of Slim’s LoS is a highly effective strategy against him. If he can’t hit you, he can’t heal very well. You need a much different mentality than you have playing OG. It certainly is easier said than done as there are always a million factors that go into every game, but it is a good strategy to try.


He’s at about 42%. I understand the technicality of someone has to have the lowest, but that’s ridiculous.

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Wait, 42? Okay, yeah, don’t listen to me. I’m an idiot.

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That doesn’t really help vs a slim though.

Even normal goliath lacks the burst damage to get the job done.

42% isn’t super far from even.

It’s probably the furthest from 50 of any character. And from a game balance perspective (emphasis on balance), it’s pretty awful.