Meteor Goliath DOT stacking


As we all know, Meaty’s DOT don’t stack, unlike WLM’s. In a future update, if the devs made his DOTs stackable, do you guys think it would make him OP?

For me to choose, first I would need to know the DPS that the burn does.

Oh, and melee attacks don’t set targets on fire, just abilities, correct?


Correct. And yeah I think it would be op. I think burn is like 30 per second? So stack that to 60 then 90…
My numbers might be off though.


You mean 30 DPS? Cause in TU8, his DOT duration was buffed to 6 from 5 seconds.


Yes I’m talking DPS.

Oops saw the typo lol


As long as MG instant damage + DoT does not overdamage OGol, he is fine.

In TU9 he will be fine since Cloak is removed, removing the cloak bypass.


With NO further tweaks beyond “making them stack”?

Yes, itd be amazingly OP.

Each dot does 40 DPS (4 ticks per second, 10 damage per tick)- You could easily get that to 120 dps, Flame breath someone from range, then leap/charge.

With OTHER changes made with this concept in mind?

Of course it wouldnt be OP. Personally id LOVE to actually see Meteor Goliath go this way- Right now i strongly feel meteor goliath gets “punished” for chaining combos versus Original Goliath. Youre trading a fair bit of “up front” damage on meteor goliath for that burn- So when you combo things youre down all the upfront damage, and just extend the dot by a second or two. The problem with trading up front damage for burn damage is it gives the team a LOT of time to react to things. 6+ seconds for hank to swap to the shields to prevent damage, medics get 6+ seconds to get their healing tools out, or get healing bursts off cooldown, sunnys drone will NEVER leave the person youre focusing alone, making it impossible to nail someone with an ability, smack someone else to draw the drones attention, and then go back to your original target.

If you use an ability with meteor goliath, let the burn do its damage, and then do another ability, his overall damage will be “higher”- But itll also take 12+ seconds to do all said damage. On the flip side, depending on what point values were comparing, chaining a combo quickly, even with the burn, will do less overall damage than regular goliath will- who does it at the moment of impact, and doesnt give the hunters time to react.

Ive always felt this was a “flaw” in the mechanics of Meteor Goliath (And despite all this i still normally only play him as monster, [s]hes just so bad ass lookin’, and what matters more than that right?)- And have always loved the idea of his DOTs stacking.

But for better or worse, the devs have said (at least for now) they intend to keep his DOTs as is, and not let them stack (This ideas been brought up before. But we can dream ;-; )


I dont think it would be OP. You would never get the 120 on more than 2 targets, and for that they would have to play terribly. Also it just does not last all the time, for example Flame Breath can be used every 8 seconds, but the DoT lasts 6 seconds, FB itself lasts 1 second. So effectively you only get 31 DPS on everybody.
120 DPS on a single person wouldnt really be too strong, Gorgon and Elder Kraken get more out of ther DoT abilites.

But I don’t think having them stack is good idea in the long run. What MG needs is more DPS on his DoT. Even Lazarus can almost outheal the DoT, Emet, Rogue Val and especially Slim force MG to be a weaker Goliath, because spreading damage does virtually nothing. I think the DoT should be at least 90 DPS (with weaker burst per ability) but should not stack. Maybe even weaker melee that refresh the DoT.

Besides that, every Hunter will recieve a passive Health regen, which means in the short break between getting hit by a FB, they will regen a little health.


Hell yeah it would be stupid OP. But that isn’t a thing thank God.


Meteor Goliath is alreadypretty great. His attacks plus dot should do slightly more damage because they’re they are dot and his cool downs are long.


Well rock and leap on one target would be brutal when they are burning for 60-80 damage for however long could nearly kill you.


Last time I checked, it was 30 damage per ticks


Death Spiral has 200-220 DPS, Websnare has 200-220 DPS, an Acid pool has 100-110 DPS, Spider Trap has 133-137 DPS, Mimic has 70-77 DPS.
All of Gorgon’s abilities stack, and you want to tell me that 60-80 DPS would be to much if it wouldnt stack? Besides that, of course Leap Smash and Rock Throw is brutal. Its already brutal with regular Goliath, 1353 damage in less than 3 seconds. MG deals 1163 direct damage with that combo. Add in 3 seconds of 80 damage and your about even with Goliath. The burn after that is Damage over time and thus the Medic has more time to heal it.

Besides that I also stated that with the DoT of 90, I would decrease the direct damage. If you were to decrease the direct damage to 411 Leap (now 457) and 577 Rock (now 642), you would do less damage than OG in 3 seconds and only after 4.11 seconds you would have dealt more.


The problem would lie in the skill gap.

New players would get absolutely obliterated by this.

Experienced players would find it a mere nuisance as long as their Medic is laying full attention.


Well yes. In general most everyone thinks those are too strong.