Meteor Goliath Adaptation Spotlight

Some of this is kind of “old hat” by now since Meteor Goliath has been out for a bit, but I was having a ton of issues with Windows Movie Maker and couldn’t get the project finished sooner. Anyhow, just wanted to share this “adaptation spotlight” for Meteor Goliath.

Some of the more interesting aspects to me were in testing the differences between Meteor Goliath and Original Goliath - more specifically, I found that the differences weren’t as drastic as I thought they were going to be. For example (and in my opinion) Charge doesn’t go a whole lot further, Leap doesn’t seem much faster, etc. Perhaps it was just that my expectations were too high, but it is also likely due to balance being harder to achieve if they were to make the differences more drastic.

I also did some damage tests on Armadons and found that every ability does more (sometimes significantly more) damage when the burn achieves full duration, while the burst/base damage doesn’t seem to be all that much less. I expected that this would be the case, just not to the degree that I found. One thing I need to point out, however, is that damage against wildlife is (if I remember right) tweaked to work differently than it works on Hunters, so that may have made an impact on the testing.

All in all, I hope this helps people get a better idea as to exactly how different MG is from OG. Enjoy!


Just going to bump once in hopes for feedback or discussion about the differences, will let this die otherwise!