Meteor Behemoth? (Rock turtle Studios Pls)

The hype for meteor Goliath is real and well placed but I was just wondering how Behemoth wasn’t first up for a crazy meteor themed skin seeing as he actually turns into a meteor shaped ball.
(Well I completely understand since Goliath is the poster boy and original monster but I’m sure you understand my logic)
Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has thought of this or is hyped for more legendary Reskins


Probably because behemoth is a payed character. Also i wouldnt expect things like this to come out for payed characters

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more reason to buy the character


Well if MacMan is still working on that Bluefire, i bet there are still a lot of surprises coming our way.
I will make sure to get my candy bag ready for halloween. :lollipop:

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The Rock Turtle is pleased.


Blue lava, yass please.

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Do they all have to be blue? :confused:
I want Wraith’s purple. o.o

Reskin for daisy that turns her into a mini behemoth?

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I think they said they’re doing a Meteor adaption for every Monster.

( >_>)
How dare you.

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Personally, Behemoth should be Acid/Toxic Behemoth. Lava Bomb - Acid Spit, Fissure - Toxic Cloud… best substitute for his Lava skills imo… Maybe toxic cloud slows, Lava bomb shorter by higher DoT. Rockwall could be poison wall, a wall or (shorter) poisonous plants so climbing causes Dot too. Tongue Grab us straightforward enough though? Not sure of a cool change for that one.

I WANT to see a Meteor Wraith, just thinking about it… So coool!

Well I never expected them to do full Reskins with special effects and stuff. Pleasant surprise.

ill be happy to let you know that yes behemoth will very likely get a legendary re-skin but not a “meteor” re-skin because these arent just skins they also modify the monsters abilities in a way, these are called adaptations their something TRS has been keeping secret and it seems they let the cat out of the bag with patch 5.0… oh but ROCK TURTLE STUDIOS is totally gonna do that bro!

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yes they are doing a adaptation for each one but meteor is goliaths. every monster will have a unique adaptation this isnrt a skin set… not even just a skin at this point


At first I was like why did they make goliath a meteor adaptation shouldn’t that be behemoths. Then I starting thinking that all monsters will get a meteor adaptation, but to me that’s to repetitive. I came up with a better one for behemoth.

Planetary behemoth, he should have mini boulders in the shape of planets orbiting him. And they cause damage to hunters that get to close to him, and do extra damage on his roll.

I hope they don’t all get “Meteor” variants, I’d love to see something different for each. Toxic Kraken, Ice Behemoth, Flaming Wraith, etc.

#***(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻***

Isn’t meteor golly blue because it’s the opposite of red?
So kraken would be red and wraith black.
Behemoth is like black brown or gray so I would say like orange or white.

Opposite of red is actually green lol