Meteor Adaptations, do they mean anything for the lore?


So, now that we know that at least one skin exists, does this mean anything about the lore of Evolve? Seeing as they were just casually slipped into the game, I think there’s something afoot.

Here’s a theory, this meteor skin suggests that these monsters could be from outer space, since there are weird colorations and new features on the body. They would travel from planet to planet somehow, in the form of meteors, then emerge and eventually become normal monsters as we see them today.


That’d take a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. Assuming they somehow breached a planet’s gravitational pull. And then they could survive in a vacuum. For a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. And then assuming they survived reentry. And impact. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s to say they don’t hibernate or something. And why there’s only two confirmed planets that are/were affected by the monsters. As to the survival, eh;


Well, in Defend there are Eggs. Maybe the Egg is used to protect from the vacuum.

##But instead of a a Monkey, you get a Golaith ;)##


It is filled with liquid, not any specific monster. So there’s that. But my brain isn’t working entirely, so I’ma fix it with some sleep. Reuse of GIFs HO-


##How about a new one for you :)##

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Ohhh, it’s a Meteor Goliath all the way
Meteor Goliath ohmygod Meteor Goliath
Meteor Goliath all the way damn ohmygod
What does this mean?
It’s so blue and so horny

ahahaha, when I saw the title I instantly remember double rainbow song


Just remember to click the button…
The Magical Button

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Mac man said in no uncertain terms that this is NOT a skin. It’s a new build or whatever you want to call it. It may end up having it’s own skins. When we can select it I think it will have its own slot as meteor Goliath, not be under Goliath skin menus.


Yeah, Meteor Goliath isn’t a skin. It’s an adaptation, an evolutionary change down the Goliath bloodline if you will where it adapted to something specific in it’s environment. My guess is the Meteor Goliath’s are adapted to life on meteors.


~Before Patch~

Original Goliath calling for reinforcement O.O


They aren’t skins.

#They’re adaptations.



OR OR OR OR it could just be that the Monsters are beginning to devolop different species with different talents, Evolving into whatever they need to, to kill.

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Oh yay! you got regular! When did that happen?


4 days ago :3 I wondered if anybody would say anything, but they didn’t. Which kinda makes me a sadface.

So it’s a new build? That also makes sense, I thought it would mean something related to the origins of the monsters.



I prefer to think they (monsters) have been brought here and there, or were already somewhere in the planet…

As for Meteor Goliath, yeah, surely an adaptation ! An evolved version of Goliath ^^
Why not after all ?

Even the fact they are intelligent seems to be related to an adaptation against their threat : us, humans.


I don’t think Evolve have even really thought about it that much. The beauty of it was so people could have their own theory’s so unless they bring out more info on that the monsters could be man made, maybe from space, maybe they were already on the planet? May never find out.

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Maybe they were on another planet, evolved there to the climate, and then somehow got to Shear where they stand out?
Then you’ve got to wonder how they swap planets.
My theory is there’s some queen Wraith, that can warp other monsters long distances. ^.^

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But it had all the same skills regular goliath had. :confused:


I actually like that.

Kind of, we could elaborate very detailed and deep theories (GAME Theories) but no one could ever really tell one is false or true.

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