So just now in a PM with @Shunty and @Rapterror we were discussing the situation with Title Update 9.0 when suddenly I had an idea, however improbable it may be.

What if TRS released Metamorphosis? Now hear me out here, just incase you’ve been living under a rock for over the last few years Metamorphosis was the original Evolve. It had completely different Monster designs, mechanics, gameplay basics, Hunter classes, environments, graphics, etcetera. It was a whole different game.

Now I say this because of the recent news with Title Update 9.0 or rather the lack thereof for the next few months (i.e Summer) so what if to lessen the wait TRS released Metamorphosis? Now there’s a few ways they can release it, that being free, costs X amount, etcetera. However I feel it would be in their best interest to release it for free but for those who already own what I will refer to as the “Base Game” (i.e Evolve)

On PC for an example:

Players who have/who will purchase Evolve will receive Evolve and Metamorphosis in their Steam Libraries, there players can install Evolve and play it like how any of us can normally or we can install Metamorphosis (or both, it’s not restricted to one or the other) and play the old version of Evolve.

On Xbox One and PS4:

Metamorphosis will appear on the Xbox/Playstation Store and be downloadable to those who own the “Base Game” (i.e Evolve); if the player owns Evolve then it will start the download, alternatively if you do not own Evolve then it will redirect you to the Evolve Store page.

In Metamorphosis, theoretically you have access to stuff like Dev Console (on PC) to spawn in Monsters, turn off AI, spawn in assets, just generally explore what the game has to offer or rather, had to offer. On Console you could play matches against AI Monsters and see how the game was before it developed into Evolve.

This would give us a lot more insight to what is in the "Development of Evolve" thread, we could see all the cut content and the community can give their opinions on what they like, what they don’t like, what they’d like to see in the main game, what they wouldn’t, etcetera.

This would also give TRS a way to deliver some content early as a sort of “Playtest” or something, show us early content so we can give our input etcetera.

What does everyone think? I believe this would absolutely shorten the wait time for Title Update 9.0 and unless explained otherwise I don’t see any reason as to why this wouldn’t work. Since TRS still has the whole version saved somewhere at their HQ since they had @GrizzleMarine and @Seedsy play that version during their visit.

This would also give them and YouTubers like them opportunities for more content on their channels to promote the game by showing off the early versions and what they had to offer.

Is it possible to get the early prototype builds of Evolve? I'm curious

I would love the opportunity to play Metamorphosis!

Somehow I doubt that it’s in a state that would be stable enough for general release. Not to mention IP rights and other legal hurdles.

But man, I want to play it!


I miss tldr; XD
Jokes apart idk, like the idea even though the low chances to make this happen


This would be totally worth it!! I would give money to get it to happen!


There might be legal issues, but hells to the yes do I want to play it!


What was Metamorphosis like? How did it play?


Metamorphosis was never released to the public hence by suggestion to let the public see the work that was put into it.

The only thing we know of Metamorphosis is the few minute clips of the game, screenshots, concept art, and more from @MacMan.

##Here are just a few clips, screenshots, and concept arts from “The Development of Evolve” thread.

##And so much more…

Back in the day dropships used to land instead of air-drops, fall damage existed, jetpacks were a loadout choice, S1 Monsters were the size of a person and S3 Monsters were 25 ft high, the graphics were more realistic instead of stylized, there was more wildlife, etcetera.

You’ll have to visit the original thread if you really want a look into what Metamorphosis was like.


10/10 would take three days to download.

In all seriousness, I think it would be cool to see. I’d probably just end up using the console and dicking around in the huge maps.


I would love to play this. What would be cool is that if it was a sandbox type game since the Monster are more powerful than Hunters sometimes


I’d love this so much.


10/10 me want so much!

give me it now.


It would be amazing if they did.

Oh, I can just imagine myself running around in big maps just staring at the trees and whatnot.


Well i guess this is when @GrizzleMarine and I pipe up about the experience.
Before I get into it, Metamorphosis was a great experience, and alot of fun; HOWEVER it is not ready for commercial release.

I’m listening…

The delay means no additional content, XML Updates are allowed (balancing and what-not).

Ignoring the issue above, with why this cannot be released into Evolve. Steam users tend to get upset with content being released on their system, that will not have future product support. The solution to this, would be dedicating some of the resources from TRS to finish/polish off metamorphosis.

This exists, evolve has it aswell, just not in the public release.

Almost 100% of the content in metamorphosis exists in evolve, in some way or another.

Steam incorporates a playtest system for all developers. It would be logical to assume that Evolve has a playtest where TRS can upload a patch to ensure that it works properly with steam, at a minimum. [quote=“10shredder00, post:1, topic:84443”]
I believe this would absolutely shorten the wait time for Title Update 9.0
Releasing additional content and dedicating corporate resources to polish off the content, would only remove other future content. TU9 is currently complete, and the longer it takes for TU9 to finish, the more content TRS will be adding/including with TU9.

One of the biggest complaints from You-tubers such as , was that they were unable to find/hunt the monster. As @GrizzleMarine mentioned in his most recent video. The maps in metamorphosis are on a completely different level. The idea of 10x the map size, may have been an understatement. This would only makes these complaints more eccentric pouring gasoline on the fire.

Overall, I loved being able to play metamorphosis, and I thoroughly loved the experience. Chris Ashton did a great job teaching us the bare mechanics, and even tried to make sure that us noobs (@GrizzleMarine and myself), didn’t get lost (which we still did). The map was gorgeous, the wildlife was CRAZY awesome, and the entire universe that it created, was unique to itself. I truly loved the experience, and it was wonderful. But if i had to choose between TU9 being larger and containing more content, OR Metamorphosis. I would choose Evolve, without a question.

and it, is glorious.


Except this only really affects Evolve’s supporters, most of which would love to see this, even if it’s only a solo Player VS AI mode.

I know, and…

  • Cocoons
  • Lava environments
  • Class loadouts
  • Host
  • Old Monsters (i.e Scorpid, Old Behemoth, Grounder, etcetera)
  • Bigger maps
  • Chimera
  • Titan
  • Leviathan

These are just a named few, I could go on and on from what is included in the development thread that is not included. Even if there isn’t much more than what is in the development of Evolve thread people would still love to see it, play it, and experience it.

I must say, who cares for those who hated on the game? It’s clear the ones on the hate bandwagon won’t be able to be converted to believe the truth. Making Metamorphosis playable would be fan service.

I don’t see why effort would need to be diverted from TU09 to be used on making Metamorphosis publicly playable. All TRS would need to do (as far as I can tell) is get the O.K from 2K then send it through with TU09 for all platforms to download.

It’s not like they’d specifically need to change much in order to get it working because clearly they have a working version of Metamorphosis and how far they got with it. I don’t imagine it would take much work at all to push it through with TU09, especially for PC. Consoles might be more than a little hell to deal with but still possible.




Don’t quote me here.

I believe Metamophosis will never be released. Actual legal reasons that I can’t go into detail about.

We tried to stream the footage w/ Grizzle & Seeds and were told we couldn’t.



Mwa ha ha :smiling_imp:




Perfect image. And if you keep it up, one might come true!


AI can be Hunter or Monster :wink: , players can be both aswell :wink:
Cocoons - Exist, but perform the opposite of the initial intent due to balance issues
Class loadouts - The loadout system is entirely different in Metamorphosis and can lead to other problems.
Old Monsters (i.e Scorpid, Old Behemoth, Grounder, etcetera) - The current versions of ALL these monsters, are remarkable improvements.


But, it requires dedicated servers, and blah blah blah

Its alot more complicated than your giving it credit.

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