Metamorphosis-inspired mod for garrys mod (just started making it)


For those who don’t know- metamorphosis is very early version of evolve, you can see some of it’s content here: The Development of Evolve (scroll to the top). Currently I’m working on map, I will finish early version of it (no textures and nice “decorations”, just orange-textured blocks and models that have impact on gameplay (trees, bushes etc) by next week and will post screenshots in this topic. If you have any questions, ask here :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude! What you’re telling is insane to hear, a whole mod for Gmod inspired of the scrapped version of Evolve.
I suppose however that it’ll need a ton of work to do, so I would recommend you to hire some people to help you do that mod because if you do all of that ALONE, it’d take you years to finish it. But if you say that YOU are doing a mod, I can assume that you know the basics of development.

Like I already said, making something like you’ve planned is crazy. I’ll wait for some news about your work. Don’t forget to ask people in the forums if they would like to help you do that mod, it’ll be probably worth doing so.

PS: who were you before changing account?


Completely agreed.

But there is one problem, I don’t have gmod :sob:


I do have it


Sure, it will take a lot of time and work, but remember that it’s gmod- game that is essentially about mods and playing with mods, so it won’t be that hard + I’m going to use gmod assets (which are in fact half-life 2 assets) instead of custom models and animations (for beginning), so it won’t be as hard as it sounds.

Once I will finish making map, gamemode and all mechanics that I want that gamemode to have I would like to start replacing gmod assets with custom ones, and this is where I will be needing help with (mostly with textures, models and animations).

The same person I am now- some random dude :stuck_out_tongue:


If this project will grow up some day then who knows, maybe I will convert it into something like unity engine. Though don’t expect it to happen soon (if it will happen).


By the way, I will make early version of map by the END of next week, not by the naxt week. My bad english is bad.


Awww, I was looking forward to naxt week :sob:

:stuck_out_tongue: Jokes and all but you do have the option to edit your post :wink:


Have you got a team for the project? If yes, who’s in the crew?