Metal Gear Survive


I didn’t hear about this game & trailer until today. Takes place in the Metal Gear Universe. Spoilers about the trailer below.

Holy hell, what is this piece of shit? Thanks Konomi for most likely ruining this franchise -.- .


Metal Gear in zombie mode? No thanks… enough of the zombies BS games… it doesn’t even fit in the metal gear universe…


Thats how I felt. I was like o.O Supposedly it’s like a 4 player coop left 4 dead game that uses stealth etc… :frowning: I am so sad.


Is that even Metal Gear? 0_o


It is… but kojima is not involved…


I thought it is his head and he is some sort of cubic robot or weird armor dude hahaha…
[It is very anatomically incorrect]


Metal Gear Survive is to Metal Gear Solid as Etch a Sketch is to art. (Even though there is some kickass Etch a Sketch crap out there)


well to be honest their games have been pretty far out there on stuff lately… Still cool mechanics though.


Being far out there isn’t the issue. It’s that they are blatantly ripping off the FoX Engine after telling Kojima to piss off and not even doing a metal gear game. If they called it something else and didn’t blatantly try to milk another franchise it might be ok, even though it feels like L4D generic zombie 2.0, but at least it would be original. The Metal Gear franchise has TONS of story and this is the exact opposite. There are parodys based solely on the amount of in game cinematics that Metal Gear uses.


Holy hell, what is this piece of shit? Thanks Konomi for most likely ruining this franchise -.- .

Geez Maddcow, never seen you so angry!


God damn it Konami…


You don’t watch me stream enough then :stuck_out_tongue:


A zombie genre will never work on a metal gear universe and lore… it doesn’t even tie with the phantom pain timeline…

Fucking trying to make a coop like capcom resident evil umbrella corps or other bullshit capcom tries on the coop mode of umbrella will result in crash and burn for a game…

Looks like departing of kojima makes the metal gear solid series end in phantom pain time atm…


Well, a Metal Gear + co-op combo brings nothing but pleasant memories to me (Peace Walker), so I’m not against this game until I get a more legitimate reason to.


This looks like a desperate attempt from konami to recover all the MGS fans that have left em after they said it would be all pachinko machines.

“hey i have an idea,the cool kids these days love zombies right? so lets get our most valuable IP and make it a ZOMBIE GAME, people will sure come back for us like sheep!”

im not buying it.


Love touhou. Can’t remember their names for the life of me


/hashtag FucKonami


I keep getting the impressions of zombies



Honestly, I’m not all that bothered by this. Looks like a better game than anything we’ve seen of Resi 7 so far.


Weird crystal spike zombies? I wonder what the actual gameplay will look like.