Message to TRS :Ideas to improve bots behavior+advice for future updates


Hi guys, first of all , i would like to say that the AI i encountered in Evolve is among the best AI i’ve played with/against , i would like to make a little list to tell you guys what would make this AI perfect ( in my opinion only )

I ) When you play as a monster.

The ennemies are smart , that’s for sure, but their strategy is always the same , you could “randomise” their strategy to diversify even more the matches, for example , they are always sticking together, that is working well when the monsters leaves trails or/and where the trapper is Maggie ( the hunters basically follows Daisy ). But , when the trapper isn’t Maggie and when the monster is leaving no trace , you could add several more “tracking patterns” for the hunters, i don’t know how to clarify this idear but for example splliting in 2 groups to cover more ground but not too far as each others in case they end up facing the beast. Or for exemple 3 hunters staying together and Griffin a little more behind plating sensors , that’s just two ideas among others.

II ) When you play as an hunter , allies AI.

The fact that you can switch to another class in game is a great idea , but i never do it because i don’t want to loose the “immersion” so i stick to one rôle only , the problem is that your allies always follow you, you should change their behavior : the trapper should follow the beast as Daisy does but in a slower way , they are tracking the beast with more efficiency that the rest of the team but if you choose to play medic for exemple , you still have to track the monster yourself. so :

  • When controlled by the AI , the assault should stay ahead of the group , the “front line” ready to engage
  • The medic should be near his teamates always ready to heal/attack ( Basically the medic AI is near perfection )
  • The support should stay behind his mates ready to buff them
  • The trapper should be ahead tracking the monster instead of just following the player

Last but not least , when you are down , your allies sometimes ignore you and keep firing the monster , you should fix that issue.

III ) When you play as the hunters: the monster AI.

The monster AI is really good, but adding some different behaviors ( randomize : some types the monster will always avoid a fight , sometimes we could even wait for the team to show up and try to take down a hunter or 2 in the first minutes of the match ) that would male solo games a little more impredictable. I played 16h of solo games and i saw 2 bugs : First one is that in hunt mode, the monster was stage 3 , so i went to the power relay to wait for it , he never showed up so i ended up wining without a fight. The second bug is that Goliath suddenly started moonwalking accross the map , so it was super easy to catch up and to shoot him down ( and hilarious by the way ).

IV ) Updating the content

A lot of players are pointing out the lack of content , i am not agree with them but if you want a solid community you should realease some maps and new game modes as soon as possible and in a regular kind of way. Why not even releasing a creation tools for modders to make their own map for regular modes or defence ? You should perhaps make more content to unlock , like basic skins etc…

I hope you will read this and take my advice , i know that coding the AI and all is like really complex , i don’t even know how you managed to make a good AI like this, it’s just that i really want to play this game for a long time and i’m looking at ways to make each game unique , even for solo players such as me. :wink:


Any response ? :confused:


That’s a bit of an overreaction, don’t you think?

The devs have spent the better part of five years working on the game. I do not doubt they have crafted the best possible AI considering that it interacts with/reacts to human players.


You are right just wandering if improving it even more is a possibility


It might be, but a change could affect any number of other things. Plus they are working on other items at the moment.