Message to devs - how to "fix" Kala


Just make her armor drainer multifunctional so she can charge up other team mates shield and here you go.


Or maybe increase the portal’s health instead of taking one hit, make it 3 just like sunny’s shield drone. This would help a lot in dome fights.


Or make her balls bypass armor. but deal half the dmg


like sunnys drone


Oh god no, that with poison perks would be insane.

Crow’s rifle does 100 per charged shot and it takes him 1.5 seconds of charging

Kala could spam 40 dmg(half per your suggestion) banshee missiles 5 at a time in that same 1.5 seconds


I honestly feel she’s fine other than her teleporters, which need a radius increase and maybe a health buff. She just takes a ton of teamwork and skill to use effectively.


banshee missiles can be destroyed tho,they also do not deal that much dmg if you straight up shoot them to monster,there is travel time for missiles and you can not have more than 5 active at once… Also It still sounds pretty balanced :^)

We should also remove her teleport and turn it into totem that gives 1% shield per second to people around it.


Like sunny’s drone. my mistake <3


Banshee MINES can be destroyed, not Banshee Missiles

I main Goliath/Meteor Goliath and I can tell you with certainty that flame breath does not destroy them

Also, they have near-instant activation and move MUCH faster than Banshee mines

If you’re a half-decent kala and know where the monster is going, you aim over his head at where he’s going to be in 2-3 seconds

80dmg per shot and 5 shots at a time is a LOT for a support.

She can fire 5 of those in the time it takes Cabot to fire one railgun shot and reload and his railgun is 154 dmg, so Kala is nearly twice the DPS and her missiles HOME IN


I have video that proves you are wrong click play:


I posted these ideas in this thread like 5 mins ago. Super Adaptation Kala?

As I said in that post I would like the Kala variant to be more defensive since Kala is pretty offensive in design.
Instead of armor reducer we could have dmg reducer. A beam that weakens the monster’s dmg for a time to mitigate a rock throw.
What if Kala had Abduction from the Wraith? Instead of Sunny’s JPB Kala could grab the medic from a far distance and yank them to her position away from the monster?
Or take a page from Bob’s book. Create small, short duration rock walls to put a blockade between the monster and the focused hunter. Like Mei’s ice walls in overwatch /kefka laugh
(I’m sure I will get flagged for suggesting that last one)


it will be toooooo overpowered


Holy shit yeah. Like slim. She charges up the shield boost with draining the monsters armor. Like slims HB


OP seems pretty convinced that their Idea will ‘fix’ Kala.

implying she’s broken.

I don’t personally see how she is, I mean basically no character is actually a serious threat on their own, and it’s not really what they have in their kit that matters. All the hunters are like a big tool kit and each tool has multiple uses. But you can only ever take four tool types to the task at hand, and you don’t know for sure what the job you need to do is. So you pick the best tools you have based on experiences in the past.
A lot of people seem to think that fixing the hunters involves making a hammer swing for you, get my drift? I’m saying stop holding the hammer by the top of the shaft when you’re driving the nail into the wood.

Kala teleporter cheese attempts are like logical fallacies, once you figure out that they’re being used it’s easy to counter. But if you don’t realise it soon enough you’ll lose the fight to the timer.


I think the problem with her is that her shield removal will reduce the timer for the dome. By the end of the dome, the monster has his armor and he’s only taken some health. I don’t see how this is an improvement compared to just regularly taking his health by damaging his armor.


Giving Kala a tool for pushing or pulling hunters would be awesome! Like force staff from Dota 2!
I can’t contain myself, this idea’s too exciting! Exclamation marks everywhere! Do want! Gibe!


Shorter domes means less time the monster has to get strikes. Her armor reducer is arguably better the higher the stage of the monster. Also, if the monster comes to engage you, don’t throw the dome. Use the armor reducer to put free damage. Once the monster realizes his armor is low, dome and you got extra health damage in addition to normal dome damage.


Absolutely true. My assault friend and I have been synchronizing the AR with Markov’s lightning gun. With his all dmg perks and my reload/capacity perks, we can burn 1 1/2 bars of health off the monster straight through his armor. It’s gotten to the point where when we catch the monster we hope he engages us so we can hurt his health before we drop the dome.


you know, your suggestion remind me one of the Kala variants I had in mind.

but that would not fix kala.
You need to make her portals more reliable, thats her biggest weakness.
no much of a use when monster is close unless you are really far from the monster to escape.


I thought maybe the armour reduce is more like a passive so every time kala is near the monster permanently loses its armour until kala is down or far enough away from the monster but to balance this out the monster gains a massive DR bonus when it is being active