Message received . My fantasies involving evolve are not appreciated :(


Apologies to anyone upset/offended by my comedy/erotic post. It was only ever my intention to arouse. X


A couple of us already had that experience already. As in Maggie’s words: “They’re smart, but they don’t learn”

Also reclassified to off-topic


Yeah im not sour , I understand how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and could cause offense/upset. I’l stick to less risque comedy posts and complaining about the poor matchmaking . Anyway Tree’s are OP and the lack of a pink ballerina tutu skin for Goliath is downright offensive to dance enthusiasts . :smiley: X


Whistles Innocently

@kenpachi89 I personally didn’t feel offended or anything about what you wrote, but the forums should be kept at PG :wink:


What post? I don´t get it but my curiosity is awakened :wink:


Most of us were probably alright with what you wrote anyways, I’d go as far as to say that the mod who gave you the warning wasn’t offended either. But as our… innocent…friend @Fluffington pointed out, we should be kept at PG.