Message pop out


Message pop out to medic & support to heal / shield / jet boost once teammate has lost half his health

This message will pop to lvl 1 - 15

Can be turned off by the settings

Easy way to take away frustrating with new players


The reason I play medic & support is because I know deep down my self others would not heal / shield me when I needed them

In most pubs matches , it’s sad high levels player will only have medic / support option :weary:


To be fair there are vocal cue’s of teammates asking for the medic’s help
Maggie: "Medic you’re slacking"
Some playerys just genuinely ignore stuff like that.

If this did happen you might as well just not have a level range on it, i’ve seen level 40’s not heal at all. Nor level 40 hanks shield.


Lennox: “Do we still have a medic? Someone’s not doing their job.” Sheesh, Lennox, lemme get to you first. We are fighting a giant Monster that can kill us all.


Is it because they don’t want to do their job and let the team die / peg for help . Bad intentions

They don’t know how the game works

They ignored AI talk

They think medic does heavy damage . It’s better than keeping the team a live

These are possible scenario . Option 1 can’t be fixed by the game

Option 2 , 3 , 4 can be solved

In common sense . This will work help the issues

It doesn’t solve the problem completely .

Let the player base die then . Let there concept die

I don’t know if you agree me on this

But the biggest reason evolve has low player base are the pubs

Evolve has a high (if not the highest on FPS) learning curve . Even with this message , it will still have a high learning curve

Team work / positioning / doom placement should be in med/high levels

Low levels just be able do some of their job . Dodge once (new hunters shouldn’t die in 5 seconds )


No not really.

That’s why, I don’t approve of your negativity.


Let it die… Just like your banned forums account(s)? Lol.

Anyways, I really don’t understand how this would help. We already have the audio cues which quite literally tell them to shield/heal certain players. If they can’t follow direct, verbal commands (or their subtitles, for that matter), then I don’t see what good this would do.



I am being realistic . Just Wake up

Telling the consequences is not always a bad thing . Everything in life has a consequences . You should know it , so you visual what is going to happen if you made that path / decision

I could say , your previous comment is all negative because you don’t agree with this suggestion that will make our experience better


So you’re telling me the game will die because there’s not enough visual cue’s in game to tell people to heal and shield.

It’s not being realistic though, the game tells people plenty of times to heal.

I didn’t say it was, I think it’s just a needless complaint imo, the game has cue’s letting you know, people can


I’ve found out over time that a lot of people play the game with their music in the background which can easily cover up what the hunters say, or don’t care whatsoever about the dialogue being spoken. I’ve had low level players checking their Twitter feeds in between domes.

This isn’t a bad suggestion at all. It is a step towards improving gameplay for everyone. But, we already get messages in the game from early on that tell you what to do (i.e. stick close to teammates) and most people ignore them, just like they ignore tutorial videos that they’re forced to watch. It’d be an unfortunate truth of this suggestion, too. I’m sure it would help remind a good handful of players, but will definitely not solve the problem.

@LMK Tara (LadieAuPair) has recently stated that the game lacks efficient teaching of how to play the game, so I think we can be hopeful to see tutorials that will better explain proper Medic and Support play. Perhaps something like this pop-up suggestion will be implemented, too. Unfortunately we’ll always have those types of players that won’t listen to any amount of videos, messages, audio cues, and direct teammate communication to heal, shield, dome, etc.


I just want to add

Nothing will solve pub players issues as 1 single thing

You need to provide more solutions that complement each one

It’s a buzzle , you need to work all pieces together to make it work

FT3 fix , command system , messages , rewards , tutorial , better videos , spectatiting , levels requirement in lobby , matchmaking , healing burst range , radius , more perks , better AI hunters etc


I have had lots of games where I start casually asking the medic then three minutes later result to yelling and tell him that I’m just going to stand here and do nothing until he heals me.

Edit: I don’t think his idea will help.


I’m not 15 but OK, if that was a stab at my intelligence then you should stop while your ahead, I have not attacked you do not attack me. I’m a grown man treat me as such.

That’s your problem


That’s what i’m saying we have the tools to remind players, but they’ll ignore them if they want to. Cant force anything people don’t care to learn unfortunately :confused: