Mess around with aim assist a bit


I have been getting tired of people complaining all the time about buffs and nerfs because on THEIR platform the Hunters/Monsters are too strong/too weak already.
The AVERAGE PC-player has a higher weapon accuracy than the AVERAGE console player, which means that on PC the Hunters look stronger and on console the Monsters do.

However, I remember a time when this was reversed: When damaging Weapons had the aim-botty assist.

I am not saying that it should be brought back to the same extent, but something along the lines of

  • snap to target works for damaging weapons again (lasts very short)
  • option to enable aim assist also adds a cooldown to the snapping (lasts much longer than a snap) so that it can not be spammed for perfect accuracy

To be honest with you, I dont know if the actual telemetry backs up that PC hunters outperform console hunters. It might just be a false perception. But if that is the case, tweaking aim assist may prove to be a far more effective solution than having 2 different balancing processes.

Edit: The mentioned cooldown should be about 2 full seconds, so that it can not be abused by Cabots RC, which otherwise would have perfect accuracy with every shot.


I mean I have played Xbox and recently moved to PC so seen both sides of the situation and all honesty I had no issue for when they took away aim assist as it actually meant skill was required. However, I will say that if you are using the standard xbox/ps4 controller you are putting yourself at a disadvantage as Scuff and Krontrol freak add ons gives you a amazing advantage in jet-pack controlled games such as Evolve.

I am not saying you need those things but I would certainly recommend them. We know they are unlikely to change the aim assist on consoles and trust me when I do play xbox, having that extra aim assist with the kontrol freak and a button on the back of my controller for the jetpack so I don’t have to stop aiming helps SO MUCH.

Kontrol Freaks:



How do we know that?

Thanks for the recommendation anyways, but since I am on PC myself, I dont really think about getting a controller. I suggested this to shut this whole “Monsters are OP on console, nerf Monsters for everybody.” and “Hunters are OP on PC, nerf Hunters for everybody.” down, rather than because I have problems aiming at the Monster myself.


OHHH Right. Nah just ignore those posts as people genuinely don’t know how to deal with certain things lol. Truth is we don’t know that but I guess its highly unlikely as it really isn’t on the top list of priority’s and as a player who knows what its like on both sides of things it really isn’t a big issue imo.


Aiming does contribute in the differences, but I think there are many more variables that go into assuming this.

Some variables on PC include immediate 180 contol.
Very tiny just barely noticeable but noticeable control lag.


I look at the PC-Console option like a life choice. I know some people just want to use controllers, but then they should not expect to play the game on a competitive level.

Picking a console is the difference between buying a car with good gas mileage that has poor speed, or a fast car with bad gas mileage. On PC the pace is faster but you need to invest in the speedy components and hardware update. Consoles will last much longer and are efficient but not fast in both hardware and gameplay.

Aim assist takes away the skill that @GrizzleMarine mentioned, but like I’ve stated the gameplay on console should be taken slower than PC. People have to invest more time to become good. It took me 1000 hours to become good at Left 4 Dead on my 360. I do believe in aim assist though, but will make people think they can play competitively and not rely on it.


On the topic of control effectiveness on console, try swapping the run and jump buttuns and enable autorun. Feels incredibly odd at first but lets you easily move, jump, and shoot all at the same time.


Run button? I thought all movement (except jump) was controlled by the thumbsticks.


I haven’t dug too much into controls, but I remember seeing an auto-run option. I assume on consoles the auto run is off and a button is used.

Unless it’s the thumb sticks that toggle the auto run.


Auto run just means you always ‘sprint’ instead of using a button you hold to sprint.

I’ve done fairly extensive testing and I just don’t see any reason for not always sprinting. I originally thought maybe it helps hide footprints (Nope) :frowning:


I am against a return of auto aim. That stuff was ridiculous.


I think it could help. Before the change it was, as I recall, monsters getting rekt. Change came in and hunters were screwed. Now I would have thought that would be a little better now as hunters get used to not relying on a veritable aim bot but it looks like there will always be a difference and so improving aim assist a bit more (NOT back to how it was) could be an idea to try out.


I think the reason you have an auto sprint option is the amount of buttons you need to press and the amount of attention you need to fight effectively. That extra button can really throw things off.


I understand why it is there, by why even have it as an option to turn on/off? Shouldn’t it always be on? There is nothing that I’ve tested that demonstrates that ‘walking’ is better. It doesn’t hide tracks, doesn’t make it harder to see when stealthed, doesn’t change alert distances with animals etc…


Yep, the run button is clicking the left joystick.
Replace run with jump and you will rarely ever need to take you fingers off of the anolog sticks for more than half a second and can move, jump, and look around all at once.


@TheGuidance worked on changing the aim assist for controller players. He made a lot of adjustments to make the aim assist feel better to use and for it to be reliable. Snap to target has been removed entirely since it’s not a healthy mechanic for a game focused on pvp. I’m not sure when the changes he did are coming, I wanted it to be in the micropatch, but I think there were a few complications.

As a side note, last I checked the overall winrate of console compared to pc fluctuates less than 2%.


So does your title, BWiT means you’re a Brit but the person saying it has a lisp? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s some kind of running joke with the balance team and how we are all wizards.


I should get him to explain what he has done on here so far.

I will bug the Cliff to post about it or I’ll unplug the internet at our house.


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