Merry evolvemas


I made one of these before but it died and I asked for it to be deleted but Its back merry Christmas

I know its VERY small (I don’t have Facebook or twitter) MADE BY 2K AND TURTLE ROCK


Wait, are you saying that you made this?


No, he has this problem where he takes other people’s posts and inadvertently makes it sound as if he created the actual graphic. Happened before with a photo that I did up for Evolve and Christmas.

As an aside, @Arron_T, you have to be a bit more particular in how you phrase these threads. You make it sound as if you’re taking credit for the photo. I think last time a mod edited your thread to give credit to the creator, so you might want to do likewise.


no tutle rock made this and I just shared it with the community but what I am saying is I made a similar topic a few weeks ago and people stoped visiting so I made it again for anyone new to the forums (or hadn’t seen it before)could look at some funny evolve Christmas photos (and asked for the old one to be deleted)


I asked if I could use it and got no reply


We programmers call that null or undefined. It is not the same as true/false. :disappointed:


Luke from 2K made it. He’s one of the guys that played in the 2K livestream this week. I posted it on the forums here: Evolve Livestream - Next Date TBD @ 12PM PST


Hive five! :slight_smile: