Menus Language Option Missing


Hello, I’ve participated in the beta and although the game’s texts language were in portuguese I easily changed them to english. Now, in the final game, which I bought on the portuguese PSN I only can change the spoken language. Is this intended? How could I change the menus’ and other texts language? Thank you in advance.


I have it german and i dont remember any maps because of the different names


It is so annoying! You also can’t change the text language right? I don’t understand why would they remove the option, which was present on the alpha and beta… Please TRS, can we have an official reply on this? Thank you very much. :cry:


@MacMan Any idea what’s up with this? Don’t see why an option could be removed entirely, but I’m just a random forumer.

@SRego85 Perhaps it was moved to a different menu location? Have you searched everywhere?


Well, yes, I searched for it and can’t find it anywhere - only the spoken language option is available. It is quite troublesome for me, since I really want to play the game with everything in english, because having the texts in portuguese is very distracting.


Can I receive some type of support? Or if there is a more appropriate way of coomunicating this can someone explain it? Thank you.


Well i have to listen to german Audio and everything is german so confusing


@Asieno19 You can change the audio to english =) Go to the options, there’s an option there for it.

The problem is text and menus, for which the option available in the beta is missing.


What about steam? Have you got that part of the menus switched to german as well?


@LaggerCZE I’m not on Steam… I’m using a PS4 :persevere:


Agh, well, how about your PS settings then? I suppose it must work similary… and if it’s not there, you ran into a bug.


Have u tried changing the system language to English?


@LaggerCZE @Drolph Haven’t tried that yet, I will when I get back home later, but still it’s not the desirable way… And the strange thing is the fact that this was an easy option to change in the beta.


This is interesting, we will look into this.


It is indeed possible to change the PS4 system language in order to impact the language of the game… Although that is not the desirable way, since using that method I am unable to access the Store in-game (I receive an error telling me the language of the system doesn’t match my PSN account).

But since this was an option present in the beta, I guess it will be easy to enable it in the final game, right @DamJess ? I hope you guys can enable it through a patch. :relaxed: