Menus doesn't work properly with 5760 x 1080!


Here we go again… I can’t play the game in 5760 x 1080 (3 x 1080p monitors).

The problem was already present in the Big Alpha, still present in the latest beta, and now in the final release it’s not even fixed ? What is the problem with you at TurtleRock ? You don’t read the comments in your forum ? or you just don’t care because we are not in the 99 % users using 1080p ?

I’m very disappointed !!!

I’m not the only one : Can’t see Menus, Can’t change resolution, cannot play the game


If you’re not the only one, why make another thread? Just post your remarks in the thread linked by you.

Just sayin’


What he said. Let’s all please not reply to this anymore. OP already knows there’s older threads out there on this topic.