Mendellian Monks are cool, man


"While in pre-production, our creative director Phil Robb and writer Matt Colville had been working out some of the finer points of Evolve’s story line, and this included a group of fanatical scientist monks known as the Order of Mendel (after the founder of the science of genetics, Gregor Mendel).

Explorers, adventurers, scientists, visionaries, outsiders, fanatics. These are the terms used to describe this mysterious and yet influential brotherhood. They seek the grail of knowledge, and as such, have
ever been active on the frontiers of intergalactic exploration and genetic research. They are tireless in the search for evidence which might lead them to the source of all life in the universe. They are fearless in their ability to overcome any and all obstacles to that quest. Anyhow, that all sounded pretty cool to me.

I had just finished reading ‘The Snow Leopard’ by Peter Matthiessen, and I found myself applying many of the same visual cues which were present in that story’s rugged protagonists to these scientist monks." -Scott Flanders


MacMan did say they were originally going for a more wizened old mountain man look. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank god they didn’t, this guy is ugly and old. :stuck_out_tongue:


So instead they gave us crow, who isn’t as old


Well the thing I find most interesting is that there are a lot of different character designs for a group of people called the “Mendellian Monks.” Perhaps Crow was formerly supposed to be a member of that group?