Memory Crashes on a new high end system build (CTD Solved)


Just posting this to help others who have a similar problem. Built new Skylake system with the following specs:

Z170x Motherboard
i5 6600 CPU
R9 390 GPU
500GB velociraptor HDD
Windows 10 OS

I was having lots of CTD’s that appeared to be memory crashes, and there was lots of lagging/stuttering when playing the game. Did a little research online and found the problem. I had a custom sized page file that I had set up when configuring the SSD and changed that to system managed and the problem was resolved. This problem seems to occur most often when the game is on a separate HDD and the OS is on an SSD.

Solution: Try setting the page file size to system managed in the virtual memory setting of Windows.

Need help with my PC (CTD on every game)
Need help with my PC (CTD on every game)

We have almost the same pc build, but I kept Evolve on the SSD for quicker load times.

Awesome tip, thanks for sharing.