Memories from before hunt 2.0!

I have a lot A LOT of memories of being matched with lvl 40 Hanks that didn’t shield. lvl 40 Vals that only sniped. Lvl 40 Lazszs that would lift me up in the traditional way.

its pretty even if the monster is not tilting and plays it smart

thank god most monsters dont do that … like ever

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Behemoth did good damage, really? The only thing that actually did some damage was lava bomb’s explosion

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Liar, no it didn’t. Even the damage from that was pretty bad. :P<h

This game is always too favored for hunters, mainly because Hunters never lose to a time out penalty. That seriously needs to be removed. Time out should always be a Draw.

I actually got my elites through MM. I’m now missing only Jack, I might get him one day.

Then monsters would exploit it and run.
I typically don’t run into problems with the timer; depends on your style of play I suppose.

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Monsters already run in many matches as it is, it doesn’t change things. But if you ask me, if the Hunters are unable to catch them – why should the Monster be punished for being evasive? There needs to be something urging the hunters to hunt them. Other than “it’s the game’s core mechanic”, when you truly think about it – there is nothing forcing the hunters to hunt the Monster. Many pre-mades have realized this and exploit it by not hunting. So the Hunters can exploit it, but the Monster cannot? I suggest we make it fair.

The monster could then dodge the hunters 24/7, with no fear of a timer. Forcing them to chase it, for fear of a draw. Monster losing? Run, don’t let the hunters ever attack you, and never engage. Wouldn’t be very fun.

Doesn’t sound fun does it? How about if the Hunters never hunt you. Yeah it’s boring as hell.

If they don’t hunt me, I go to the relay. ~shrugs~

If they don’t hunt me, I have to deal with a fully organized team whose practiced the relay and never dies. They have set positions which they’ve mastered and practice. They know they can dominate me in that one spot. So they never hunt me. They know if they hunt me they lose. So they choose to exploit the timer and terrain. This really spoils the fun for me. Honestly, I want to be hunted. I love the chase. I hate it when teams never hunt me, it happens way too often in high tier matches. And you know what, I never win these matches.

Yeah, they can’t balance that without making the other side angry and whatnot. If they changed it to your way, the monster would never engage, and would camp a monster favoured area until the hunters were forced to go there. You basically just flipped the coin.

On that note, I’m off for now, later.

In another thread, we are discussing this matter further. Suggesting that both Hunters and Monsters need additional objectives. You should join us.

I actively avoided Hunt before Hunt 2.0
All I ever played was co-op Evac.
Because matchmaking was impossible since everyone was at level 40, no matter how many hours or experience they actually had.

Now I actually look forward to Hunt, sure the population is low and that is causing a lack of proper matchmaking.
But that is not Hunt 2.0’s fault. If there were more monsters and hunters matchmaking would be better.

You know i wanna say something but i fear its just bad .-.

You mean more hunters since the thingy is always saying too many monsters

Monster favored? No they need to buff the monsters only monster close to balanced is Kraken.

Still Hunter favored though :stuck_out_tongue:

from what I’ve heard it’s hunter favored on pc, but consoles no way. Doubling the wraiths armor… that’s fair? Giving massive buffs to behemoth lavebomb, roll, melee… that’s fair? Not being able to put out fire with a shield so it consistently burns your medic… that’s fair?? krakens aftershock and no cooldowns on the snowball is fair? Oh ya u guys r right!!! lol