Membership Trust Levels: As Told By GIFS


At the top we have:

The Mods:

Sworn to protect our beloved forum from OP Annihilation, trolls, and the multitude of duplicate threads… The Mods are the most experienced and trusted members of the forum

The Leaders:

They have a lot of the same tools as the Mods but are second in command on the forum’s trust level. They are able to help the mods organize the forum more efficiently

The Regulars:

Boom re-categorized! Nuff said. Mostly Regulars are the frequent forum goers and are third on the trust level

The Members:

A group of very hit or miss type folks that either are aspiring to climb the trust level hierarchy or here to just kinda goof around, either way hopefully it’s to have fun. Member rank is achieved after a couple of posts and confirming you’re not a spam bot

The Trolls:

Typically don’t last long as seen here.

and last but not least

The Devs:

The only reason all of us are gathered here to day. The poor souls always feverishly working to satisfy the masses. It’s not always appreciated, but I do thank them for it ^.^

how would you break down the trust levels via gifs? ^.^


Scandinavians, because they are on an entirely different trust level:

Leaders among regulars:


That first one is Torvald before the loss of his limbs ^.^

More like among basic users on the second one :wink:


Nah, Regs are cool. That’s more like Leaders among Members, especially on Troll Threads or…*eccentric…*Threads. Shudders.


When you go from Regular to Leader?
I… wouldn’t know… :disappointed_relieved:


Trolls. trolls everywhere Rose :frowning:


I think a good gif for Mods would be that one from SU. Can’t find it, anyone know how to make a gif from a video?


what is SU


…You horrible creature.


… tell me ;~;


@Rapterror’s favorite thing.


Something about gems right?


I hate you.

Anyway hold up I think I found a good one.


From Member to Regular


I know it doesn’t count, but…Whenever a moderator gets annoyed.


It seems all of you are enjoying yourselves. ^.^


join in the revelry shin :wink:


I feel like this is @MaddCow :stuck_out_tongue:


…Yeah MaddCow is scary.

Don’t hurt me sir pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee. :fearful:


He shot down our fun thread. ~sniffles~