Meltin' Faces


Wouldn’t it be great if Hyde’s flamethrower got a nice 1.5x boost to damage when it was used right in the Monster’s face? This could be followed by him laughing like the friendly cockney sociopath he is.


Hyde is love Hyde is life


Hyde is already a bastard for Monsters… no need to give the Monsters an even more stressful match and besides Hyde already laughs and screams like a crazy asshole.

I say Nerf his flavor… he seems a tad spicy when consumed.


headshot damage flamethrower hits it just fine So face are meltable


@ToiletWraith I know you’ll enjoy this thread :wink:


I always enjoy Hyde related threads unless someone is bashing on him.


No bashing here :smile:


Excellent. I’ll grab a chair and wait for people.


Why would you even play Hyde. He sucks poo through a straw.


Yooooou you you you…
Are not permitted to diss my husbando.
I mean what are you talking about


The first time I heard “I’m gonna fucking melt it’s fucking face with my fucking flamethrower” line I was in stitches I laughed so hard :hyde_cute:


The best thing is he doesn’t even stop to list what he’s gonna do, he just goes on and on. xD


Hyde is the best assault, bar none.

Sure others might do more damage or have better range, but not a one of them looks as good doin it.


You’ve never faced a good comp then, that sociopathic punk never lets me sit still for long.


I had to say it. :laughing:


You… You meanie!


Honestly Hyde is my favorite assault, I just have a hampering to start a commotion.


Oh… We have so much in common.
rambles on about how much love there is for Hyde


I wanted to continue in the rambling of Hyde and face melting, but I have no idea how to make my letters all slanted. :tired_face:


Use * then ramble on and finish it with another *, but make them touch!