Melee hunter (a possible idea)


So I’ve heard a few people say they like the idea of a me lee based assault class. I get it, swords are cool. But the idea of fighting a mobile Goliath, wraith or kraken just doesn’t seem feasible to me.

I did have one idea of a kind of tether that you aim similar to slims bug except at the monster, obviously you need line of sight to use it, and once it hits it doesn’t slow the monster down at all, instead it reels the HUNTER in towards the monster.

For the melee weapon I had an idea inspired by “bang sticks” which are designed for killing sharks, essentially a long pole with a shotgun shell on the end, you poke the shark and…well you get the idea. I was thinking it could be charged to deliver a bigger hit, but while it’s charging movement speed will be slowed down. I can see some epic jet pack, tether charge plays happening, and I could see it being really fun. Side arm could be anything really, I liked the idea of a long range semi automatic rifle to give it SOME damage at range but obviously the focus would be in getting in close and hitting the monster.

Any thoughts?

And before you say it, yes I HAVE watched attack on titan.

Poll: Melee Based Assault

I don’t see them adding it. They would take too much skill to play, and it would only piss off the casuals. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe…but then again casuals don’t HAVE to choose it. :slight_smile:


I would love this. If the character had higher jetpack recharge or something.


Well that’s why I thought the “reverse harpoon” tether would be good, because having higher jet pack regen all the time would be a bit too powerful for chasing a monster down.


I love AOT, and this is perfect. This idea is great, and I would love it to be a thing.


Assault: Mal.

Primary weapon: kinetic staff.

The staff delivers a close range blast of energy that deals large amounts of damage. The weapon can be charged up to deliver a bigger punch. While charging, Mals movement speed is reduced to a walk.

Secondary: semi automatic rifle.

Mals combat rifle allows him to deliver precision damage at range for when his staff is on cooldown. Similar damage output to Markovs rifle.

Utility: tether.

When activated, the button is held down and the tether is aimed similar to slims bug. The tether is thrown in release of the button, attaching itself to the monster like Griffins harpoon. The tether immediately begins reeling the hunter toward the monster at a high speed, with no way to stop it from the hunters perspective. The monster can melee it or break line of sight which will break the line. It has no impact on the monsters movement.

Personal shield: pretty much the same as all the others.


The secondary feels a little uninspired. If anyone has any better suggestions I’m open to them.


Not a female Assault?! Kill him.


In all seriousness I love this idea.


Most melee assaults have huge problems already. Though I like the reel in tool a whole lot. (Then again all assaults except Torvald are infact melee range) but having to get close enough to stab with a stick? Kraken would laugh at that and so would Wraith even Behemoth would laugh in joy for seeing a hunter going for melee range.

If it was a sword that you could spam for huge damage in close combat then yes it would work. But a single stab with a reload/cooldown AND in melee range of all thing? Just no.

A melee assault with a spammable sword attack and a reel-in tool and a medium range laser sword throw type of deal could work.


Spam able is exactly what I wanted to avoid. The idea of a hunter standing next to a Goliath slashing is ridiculous.


Don’t be discouraged if people shit on a Melee Assault idea - everyone likes coming up with negative reasons why things couldn’t work rather than coming up with creative ways it could work and be awesome. People don’t seem to have noticed that Assault characters are most effective during the short periods during a fight when they are essentially in ‘melee range.’

A melee character could work in numerous ways, like having high damage backstab or a bleed/poison DoT, throwable weapons, long spears or staves, etc. They could have a unique ability with a short root effect or something that negates knockback, like an actual shield. And they would of course have a gun as a default weapon to use for long range. I wouldn’t mind an Assault with both a close range melee weapon and a long range scoped rifle, something along the lines of Cabot’s rail cannon.


I think a good idea for a female melee assault could be an Basalisk soldier. I think one of the reasons we havent seen a female yet is that the assaults are all xbox huge, but in the insect world often ladies are bigger and meaner than the blokes. She could use webbing to grab onto the monster or terrain to pull herself along, and maybe have a ranged acid spit attack. In Melee, she would use giant Scorpionesque claws to rip into the monster.

I think someone was talking about assault based Basalisk soliders ripping open ship hulls with giant claws, so that would work, I think.


They should make a Scorpion monster that can burrow underground for its stamina button to get around the map. It shoots a laser out of its stinger and uses its claws as an attack. you know where im going with it. Maybe even a wolverine type monster that can burrow underground and has giant claws, maybe it can pull a hunter underground or pop up from the ground for an attack


They already tried burrowing, the system cant handle it :’(


well whatever it is lets hope it doesnt get killed in 2 seconds like the behemoth


Have you played since the patch? Behemoth is beastmode now


nah I havent touched him since the patch i heard they were gonna put a weak spot on his roll is that true


No, they got rid of the weakspot on his roll.


I was trying to think of something that would feasibly work and fit in with the technology of the game. I can’t quite get my head round the idea of a guy with a sword doing more damage than a rocket launcher or a minigun. And a laser sword would seem really odd and out of place next to the other tech in the game. I liked the idea of the bang stick concept because it would allow for massive melee damage without requiring actual super strength from the user. The tether would be to pursue and close the distance with the monster. I could see it working and being pretty damn fun to boot. I like the idea of tagging a flying kraken and being launched into the air, staff charging and ready to strike.