Melee Damage Bonus Evacuation Perk


Okay, so if you win in the Foundry as a Monster in Evacuation, you destroy the Foundry and getting doused in bohrium in the process which gives you extra melee damage.

Now I have two questions, does it affect the Kraken’s air melee?

And, does it stack with the damage bonus from a crowbill sloth?

On a side note, Wraith using his melee in a supernova with the bonus melee damage perk looks amazing.


I dont know the answers to your questions, but will agree that an attacking or supanova’ing Wraith looks like it’s in a glowstick rave with that effect! :smile:


Yep, my type of party. /slightkappaintended


@The_Mastermind How much damage does a “snowball” do, with and without the evac melee damage perk? Seeing as how you’re the numbers type of guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you even know the answer to my second question as well?


120, 125, 135 staged respectively.

we actually dont know exactly how this works atm. I assume it increases one side and decreases the other side equally. so like if hunters win, they deal 10% more damage while monsters deal 10% less.

i also dont know/remember the amounts involved.


If memory serves, when hunters win on that map they get a jetpack boost map effect - audio matches the effect when sunny boosts you to dash farther - but that does not affect the hunters’ damage or weaken the monster. The monster gets the glowy fire hands map effect melee damage boost instead of the mobility boost.


i was thinking about the autobalance system and the damage change was an example as to how it might work