Melee attacks don't knock back hunters


I’m a Goliath main, when I play monster. I love to play Goliath, and he is usually a very usable monster, other than some movement and jump difficulties. However, I’ve noticed something different about when I play monster, vs when I play against monsters.

My melee hits NEVER knock back the hunters. Whether they are in the air or on the ground, they continue to fly or walk without falling or sliding. I’ve tried to use heavy attacks and slam dunks on them in the air to stop them from scaling a cliff to escape, but they still climb it.

When I play against a Goliath or any other monster, they always use knock back to keep me down. I’ve had instances of wasting jet pack fuel because I attempted to jet boost while being knocked down.

Is anyone else having this issue online?


It’s pretty inconsistent for me. As the monster sometimes I do manage to keep the hunters from scaling cliffs or Rock Wall, while other times melee just doesn’t stop them. As a hunter sometimes I can continue to climb a wall even when taking a few hits while other times I cannot. It just seem to be random although i’m 100 percent sure heavy attack will always stop them from climbing.