Melee assault class idea


From a previous topic I commented on I decided to go more in depth with this idea and see what everyone else thinks.

A tall, bulky knight in full exoskeleton armor that is powered by a generator at the back, built into his jetpack. Fully red with silver trim around the body. In between crevices are pulsing red lights, when ability 1 is activated the lights no longer pulse but instead are constantly glowing.

Weapon 1 - Plasma sword
A long sword that emits plasma around the blade, causing it to glow red. The sword does medium damage on armor but high on health. The player can combo 3 attacks together for full damage. The player must get close to monster in order to deal damage (unless ability 1 is activated).

Weapon 2 - Rapid fire wrist mounted cross bow
A miniature crossbow mounted to the characters arm (much like Hyde’s flamerthrower). Shoots rapid fire bolts that do low damage but reload time is small. Effective at medium and short range.

Ability 1 - Overdrive
The character’s suit goes into overdrive, the player loses his/her shield (if active) and equips sword. The sword transforms into a ranged beam weapon with high damage to both armor and health. Effective at any range. Once the ability has ran out of charge the characters personal shield will come off cool down and immediately come back on.

Ability 2 - Personal Shield
Much like every other assault, they are given a personal shield. This can be activated at any time unless you have the ability Overdrive activated.

Let me know what you guys think.


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