Megamouth Shark. You Heard Me


I’m aware you’re potentially confused that this is Off-Topic…

meet the Megamouth Shark : )

To clarify, I just wanted to point it out to people. To me, his head looks like a megamouth’s head.

Not as impressive as Armadon Shark (or whatever that prehistoric Shark’s name was… I’ll have to check Battlefield 4.) Still interesting to me. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Whoa imagine if like the megamouth could burrow under the ground and like swim in the earth towards you :scream:


I thought, it was nothing special, that the megamouth is named after the…megamouth.
And the prehistoric shark was (Carcharocles) Megalodon, if you mean that one. Don’t know wich one is in BF4 :smiley:


Looks like a gigantic horse head, actually.


What if Shear… has been Earth this entire time o-o


But everyone came from Earth…no?


Hmm? The wildlife is native to Shear. The T3 Hunters/Monsters are all not native to Shear.


Sorry I meant the Humans…I don’t recall any lore pertaining to Earth being abandoned for so long that we forgot where it was.


No Earth is still relevant. I was just joking :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhhh…my bad. :blush:


LOL! I was going to post this today, but you beat me to it. Deep sea creatures are so creepy looking. They’re awesome though!