Meet-up at Sakura-Con!


Hey yawl!

Sakura-Con is just around the corner and like any self-respecting anime fan, I’ll be there. If any of you are going or are in the area and would like to meet and chat, I plan to set aside time Saturday, April 19th during the afternoon or evening at a TBD location near the venue.

If you’d like to chat Evolve, Turtle Rock, gaming, anime, and get some Turtle Rock swag, feel free to stop by for a visit!

Sakura-Con is a great anime convention held in Seattle, WA at the convention center. It takes place this year on April 18th - 20th. It has loads of cool panels, events, and cosplay.

I’ll update this thread as we get closer to the con. Hope to see you there! :smiley:


gimme flights and hotels then ill be there ;3!!!


Wish I could, frankly I’ve never been in the US. I hope somebody around the corner will read this!


Yeah if I didn’t live in good ol’ Britain, I would totally make it!


Free tickets would be awesome >;3


If / when I get over to Europe, you can be damn sure I’ll do a meet-up there too! :slight_smile:


Drop by at my home, the coffee is hot!!!
Do you guys have any plans for visiting Europe already? Maybe at Gamescon in Germany?


Mmm… coffee… :smiley:

@JD_2020 will update you come closer to major events on whether or not we’ll be there. Still a bit early right now, but you’ll know before it happens.


Got some nice cookies too… Is the bait already working? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, thanks for the heads up!



Want some Bacon? It’s nice and crispy…


Bacon cookies!


thats actually really nice to hear :3!!! when you visit europe I WILL GET YOU… uhum i mean i will surely come to meet you :smiley:


BULL****!! I’ve been to Europe before, your bacon is NOT crisp :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah but at least British bacon has more pig on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, this forum really needs a bacon emote!


I think we might need a food topic.


come to Finland our bacon is crisp as hell :D!!


Markov likes Bacon. :markov:


So would the rest of the gang if they had emotes!


coome and get it ;D