Mediiiiic, I require assistance! (My nose is being a pest!)


So… Story time.
When I was about 7 years old I broke my nose and the docs didn’t assess the situation, so it grew like that, now one of my nostrils are kinda… Sealed a little more than the other due to the… what the hell was it called? Cartilidge? The cartilidge being pushed to the side, I guess.
I find it really hard to breathe through that one as it is, but for some bizarre reason, my other nostril has been blocking up, no clue why. I’ve tried unclogging it by blowing it, buuuuut it worked to no avail.

Anyone got any ideas on what I can do to like… Make the airways clear in my good nostril? xD


Sue the doctor that didn’t assess the situation correctly. :wink:


Can’t, moved country. Don’t even remember the doctors, just remember getting my nose glued up at the whatever-the-part-that-makes-nostrils is called and going home.


Sounds like AIDS to me :frowning: sorry man


Hang on a minute -wat-


Try drinking hot tea from time to time. Steam (evaporated water, not the game service) does wonders for clearing sinuses.


But I like drinking the game service…
I’ll give it a try. I don’t really like tea to be honest, but I suppose hot drinks would work none-the-less?
I also remember my dad used to stick his head over a bowl of steaming water with a bit of “vics” it was called, used it to clear his sinuses.


Yeah I just use mint tea from time to time, not like a large cup or anything – I’m not a big fan of tea myself. But it’s better than drinking just plain hot water.


Yeah, I can imagine.
I think the bf has some tea somewhere…


exercise alot cause if you get fat, its only gonna get worse >.> and by exercising alot you will be able to compensate breathing less


Genuinely though it sounds like a deviated nasal septum, probably need surgery, but you should see your local health practitioner :slight_smile: as I cant give medical advice :slight_smile:


Get a surgery performed to fix your deviated septum perhaps?


That’d probably be a good idea… Thouuuugh, I don’t really have money at the moment. Long story. D:


Try a procedure similar to a lobotomy, just don’t go as far.

-Dr. Hurraylifesucks


Heeeeeeey… I know your name… e_e You’re on the steam evolve forums quite a bit…


Have you tried using olbas oil at all? Having some of that on a hanky and having a good whiff of that usually clears a blocked nose up for me!


Tilts head
Olbas oil?


Yes! Olbas oil!

Well it’s a common thing we use in England if we have a blocked nose, I’m not sure if you folks have it where you are though!

I love the smell of it, has like a minty smell to it and it’s soooooooo relieving!


Huh, I’d never heard of it when I was in England. Always used Vics, but I can probably assume that’s very similar to it :B


Yeah it’s sorta like that but we get olbas oil in a little bottle and you put it on maybe a hanky or something and it helps!

But maybe if you guys don’t have it then I do apologise, I’ll probably buy some for ya and send it over to you if you need it! :slight_smile: