Medics in patch 5.1.1 ? Medic Mains...Share your Thoughts?

Was Slim somehow subconsciously nerfed in patch 5.1.1, Did slim as well as ciara need their heal burst cooldown reduced as well. Im not a medic main, I spend 90% of the time playing Trapper, So I wouldnt know how to help ciara and slim out. I just know that something happed in between patch 5.1 and patch 5.1.1 that completely made Val the most viable medic currently in this patch.

To all the medic mains out there, what are your takes on what happened during this patch and what do w need to see in the next micro patch to have things ready for the 5th monster on release?

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Val is the best medic by far.


The reload perk change hit slims healing hard because it affects how many shots it takes to fill up a hb. And no, capacity doesnt cut it because it doesnt increase the rate at which you get HBs during a clip like reload did.

Val is finally useable but some of the excitement fromnusing her is gone because of how poweeful she is.

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Slim feel so weak for me personally I just feel like I can’t keep up with the monsters damage and if it picks DI then I’m dead. ._.

I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it but maybe slim is a BIT just a BIT UP.

I know so many people are gonna hate me for this >.<

From my analysis, Val should have worse healing, Caira should have a better heal burst, Laz should be how he was before, and Slim should have slightly increased healing, but that increased healing should only be added when he gets the huge spore cloud nerf with the next title update. That pretty much sums it all up.

I dont think they should do that spore cloud nerf. Slim is a AOE medic with low single target healing. To compensate for the lack of healing targets that get focused, he was givin a spore cloud to influece the monster to target a different hunter so he can work his Aoe magic.

If a target hunter isnt hidden in a spore cloud then that greatly increases the chance of slim and the focused hunter to get singled out. and rememebr with the low Aoe healing he has, with this spore cloud nerf he woudnt be able to keep up with the damage that the monster dishes out.

If spore cloud does get nerfed then they need to decrease the amount of leeches needed for a heal burst or increase the HP restoration of every current heal burst he gets.

Val is the only medic to play now, I only play her unless I know it’s going to be a monster spreading damage against a team that can’t dodge. I previously played Caira/Slim.

Val’s survivability is OK now but with the nerf via reload to Caira her healing is subpar. Slim is probably still fine but Caira’s heal burst is just too long.

I miss my BB Caira though. :frowning:

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I said with my suggestions that healing should be increased for Slim, since he needs good healing if his spore clouds are not as effective.

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Balance between medics is really off now. Val is easily the best, Laz is kinda weird balancewise, Caira is kinda meh now, and Slim is really bad now.

That said I still always play my dear Caira. I just like her too much and am kinda too stubborn to play anything else :smile:

Do you play competitive? whats your hunter rank? just wondering? I watch alot of black aegis and wanted to know do you play for a team or something?

About time Val got some loving. It probably won’t last past this patch though.


Moiser played with Ninja Penguins and Eyes on Me once, unless my memory is HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY warped and I’m insane. Well, I am insane. But my memory isn’t that warped. I think. Cackles.

As for the topic…Yeah, Medics in general are kind of meh right now. 'Cept Val, Val is fine. The others? Laz is trash again, Caira needs her HB compensated like the others and Slim needs a healing buff.

It is important for me that you guys understand why slim is not good anymore.
It has nothing to do with his self heal, I don’t understand why pub
players don’t play him anymore because for them he is just as good as
before the patch. The ONLY thing he cant do anymore that he could do
earlier was if you hit 2 perfect shots (not missing a single pellet from
the shotgun) you could get 1 AOE heal from it if you were running CDR.
Since CDR no longer reduces the amount of leechseeds you need to get 1
AOE heal, 2 perfect shots is not enough anymore you need to spend one
extra shot to get those last 2-3 leechseeds to AOE heal.

this change does not affect most of the public slim players anyway
because not many of them was hitting 2 perfect shots all the time anyway
and most of them needed the 3rd shot to pull it off anyway. So for them
its not change at all for slim, they can just play with capacity and do
3 sloppy shots at a time for each AOE heal.

In regards of Caira, in my personal opinion, I don’t feel her AOE cooldown is low enough. what you do with her is basically spam with healnades untill your teammate gets too low and then you offload your primary healsource with your class ability, but what is it? like 22 seconds cooldown now? before the CDR not affacting ability 4 change, I felt she was doing her job against the best monsters in the game, but ofcourse, she could not handle many mistakes in the dome as opposed to slim at that time. Now, against krakens that does 80% in one combo at stage 1 she will already be behind on healing when the next person gets hit and her AOE is on CD. But you can compensate for that by spending the supports cloak earlier than normal, this way you can make up for being behind on your healing. For me she is become a pub-medic. Moiser says she is viable, I agree, for public she is. ^ ^

Is there a reason to not pick her every game? she is so good right now I don’t feel she even needs a perk. you can take whatever perk you want and she will be viable either way. picking perk is now a playstyle sort of thing rather than, “I got to pick this because it’s the only way I will be able to compete”

Edits: reformulated and a small ajustment in oppinion and tone of voice! ^ ^ sounded too serious I felt!


Yup, it’s about 22 seconds on the HB time now. She was considered viable and balanced before, with a much faster burst, so I have absolutely not idea why they didn’t buff hers to match…

I think not touching her was a very smart decision my TRS… you know, she has been a good medic for so long. how would you feel as a monster player if you see, after all that time, that she gets a buff? very demotivational I guess!
and I feel it’s not like she is pure BAD, she is still solid. usually there are bigger factors to why you lose the game rather than if it was Val or Caira. positioning errors, team synergy hiccups… you know, the usual jazz.

She’s not bad by any means, no, but she’s not as good as she was, and she was balanced before. O.o

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Caira still works as long people dodge atleast 1 ability in a monster’s rotation. Which can be quite difficult against the new kraken but still, she isn’t as bad as everyone is making her out to be now. She I think just requires a lot better positioning and coordination from the entire team now. There is probably 0 reason to take Caira over Val now though ( unless you’re too stubborn to play anything other than Caira like me ) and as someone that likes Caira a lot it’s a shame to see her barely being used anymore.

But hey, it’s already confirmed she’s gonna get some kind of compensation in the next update so that might get her in line with the other choices again. :smile:


I disagree with that, she works better in some comps. For example Cabot/Bucket comps, Caira’s superior to Val in those IMO because her ability to kite around things while maintaining her power is very valuable to a comp like this, and should the monster jump off of you while you’re kiting and start hammering someone else Caira’s burst is infinitely superior to Val’s, which lets her easily save a team mate from death and get them back on their feet.

yeah, right now its like, if you get hit by one thing the rest will follow! BIG damage! x.x and I agree moiser, this patch surely requires better play from the hunterside against good monsters, even from decent ones! you need better prediction, jetpack management and spacing.

lets not talk about Val or Caira in a bucket comp… please keep it serious in here LOL!